In this video, photographer Chase Jarvis interviews photographer Chris Jordan.

I love this video because they discuss about realising your own potential and ‘leaping’ into new territories. FYI Chris was an attorney before becoming a photographer. I also love the fact that photography was discussed in such an interesting manner.

There are certainly some interesting quotes to catch in this video. My personal favourite would be what Chris says from 8:24 onward about the secure path in life.

If you are not familiar with the both of these people, I suggest you check out Chase’s work on his website and his YouTube channel, achaser123 that never fails to be interesting. You should also check out Chris Jordan’s midway project which is also up on YouTube.

The video is an hour and a half long so to guide you through, I have provided a simple timeline below the video.

5:07 – Interview starts

28:10 – Chris’s pictures from the Katrina Hurricane

42:59 – More of Chris’s work

1:11:30 – Trailer for the midway project


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