RECOMMENDED: 9 Ways to Improve Your Reading

9 Ways to Improve Your Reading

Do you want to boost your intellect? In this video, Sheikh Ziaullah Khan explains to us the ways to get the most out of our reading. I find it to be very interesting because I am not an avid reader myself. I do realise that most of my reading isn’t entirely digested. Some important points go forgotten and I don’t really find an increase in my intellect. To help you out, I have listed the points that he mentions in this video. This might just be a little favour from our side but we do believe that you should benefit from this video and the video deserves more views.

1. Have the intention to read [2:22]

2. Find the best place to read [2:48]

3. Find the best time to read [4:24]

4. Read with concentration [4:50]

5. Read with a pen [5:20]

6. Learn different styles of reading [10:14]

7. Use a clock to time yourself [11:50]

8. Don’t mouth the words [12:34]

9. Use reading to benefit yourself and your community [14:32]

We hope you gained something from this. 😉


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