3 Reasons Not to Smoke

3 Reasons Not to Smoke

I am not a smoker. Nor will I ever be. I’ve had my fair share of smoking family and friends. I sometimes frown upon what they do. But most of the time, I try to be tactful and just bear with it. Anyway, these are a few reasons I can think of why we should not smoke.

1. Burns Your Cash Leisurely

It’s one thing to burn old newspapers in your compound and feel okay about it. Or even youngsters making a bonfire and laughing around it. But literally try hoarding all your cash together and throw in a lighted match. Then, watch the notes go up in flames and rejoicing in it. That’s what smoking is. I’m not even speaking about one being utterly rich so as to not be affected at all about just burning off their cash. I’m really just expounding on the principle that smoking is just that – you setting your bank notes on fire. And then feeling good about it. Sounds amiss and wrong? Maybe it is.

2. You’re Not Being Fair to the People Around You

Everything seems to be fine, at least in the short-term, when a smoker has his cigarettes about him. Take that away from him, and he will get fidgety and jittery, then cranky, then just plain nasty. Talk about withdrawal symptoms, eh? So, sometimes, just because your life-support-cigarette-system is not available, you start treating others rather hostilely. The opposite is also true. You may have friends or family members who smoke. And they smoke in your presence. And you do not smoke. Plus, just to accentuate further, you may just live a healthy lifestyle of exercising and good nutrition. It’s one thing to want to ruin your health on your own choice, but it’s really selfish to think that non-smokers share the same ideology as you do. This is where smoking really affects human interactions. Of course, there are those who smoke in isolation away from others, or with other smoking people. But the opposite also happens.

3. Ravages Your Health Gradually

If there is a single unanimously agreed-upon negativity about smoking, it’s that smoking brings your health to ruins, however slowly or rapidly. Sure, everyone has their story of some guy who smoked like a chimney and swam like a fish, and somehow he lived a long and meaningful life. That to me, is either extremely otherworldly good luck, or just another myth to be forgotten. Seriously, how can one not care about intentionally injuring your health? Every puff is a bane to your organs. Every stick reduces your lifespan. I guess, the absence of physical pain as you smoke isn’t a worthy warning to smokers. I’m sure, if one is to take a knife and cut himself repeatedly – which is like smoking, but with the real-time painful sensations – that person probably will stop doing it early on. Pain or not, in the long term, things can get really painful for smokers.

That is all for today’s entry. These are merely my opinions on the subject. I’m sure most of you have your own stand on the issue as well.

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