3 Life Lessons from a Little Cockroach

3 Life Lessons from a Little Cockroach

Cockroaches are probably not everyone’s favourite creature but some do say that they are in fact cleaner than the average house fly or the average rat. I don’t find cockroaches to be extremely interesting. However, an encounter with one usually ignites some ideas in my mediocre mind.  You may have heard many interesting facts about cockroaches and if you haven’t, you can always consult Professor Google. We’re not here to have a trivia session on cockroaches. We’re here to observe and probably gain a better insight on life…. from cockroaches.

1. The ‘touch’ is a very powerful thing

Many of us may not find a cockroach to be disgusting from a certain distance. Touching it, however gives you a tingling electric sensation that runs through your body. OK, this might not happen to everyone but how many of us would want to touch something we find disgusting? Not many, I believe. There’s not so much disgust when you only use your eyes. However the ‘touch’ somehow invades your personal barrier. The power of the ‘touch’ applies in more than just the feeling of disgust. You can use the touch to show trust, courage or affection. A firm handshake gives a great first-impression and a weak hug from a spouse could generate a certain level of doubt.

2. You don’t need proof to give an impact

Someone jumping at the sight of a cockroach is a funny sight. An even funnier incident would be a room of people reacting to the presence of a cockroach. People are terrified by the harmful diseases a cockroach is rumoured to carry along. The fact is cockroaches are one the cleanest insects to live on earth. They don’t even have to act dirty to give such an impact on our feeble minds. People believe that they are dirty and so the presence a cockroach ignites chaos in a room. We should give credit to the producers of Wall-E for making cockroaches look adorable.

How do we make the most out of this observation? Want to make an impact on society? Let people talk about you or your product and speculate things beyond their imagination. There is really no need to prove what you say to give an impact on society. Why do you think gossip magazines sell so well? People love rumours and as I quote Hans Landa from the Inglorious Basterds,

 “Facts are often misleading but rumours are often revealing.”

3. When you know you can’t take the hit, don’t take it

Not all of us are tough like Rocky Balboa. Yes, life is about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward but sometimes it is best to avoid being hit. That’s what the nimble cockroach does. It doesn’t go all White Knight vs. Fire-Breathing Dragon when you chase it with a rolled-up newspaper. It goes Road Runner vs. Wile E Coyote all over you. I’m not telling you to constantly run from your problems but it is always best if you don’t get into trouble in the first place. That’s why cockroaches stay as stealth as possible.

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