3 Things About Multiracialism

3 Things About Multiracialism

I’ve always enjoyed the company of my friends of other races. They are unique in their own ways and have their own interesting outlooks on life. This is not to say I am not fond of my friends of my native race. Rather, I think both have their unique traits and diversity and there is much to be shared together.

1. Promotes Racial Tolerance & Understanding

Having schooled in a multiracial school for years, I should say that I am on good terms with my fellow friends of other races. It is fun and enjoyable to have them around, to talk to them, play sports etc. When you have spent enough time with them, you’ll find that your racial backgrounds hardly matter. We are essentially the same. There are many things that we agree on. But then again, there are also things that we do not agree on. But rest assured, there is no hostility nor animosity. We learn to accept our differences respectfully and rejoice in the things that we have in common.

2. Varied Perspectives

It is inevitable that different racial backgrounds will produce different perspectives on life. This could be due to religious restrictions or racial tendencies. Either way, spending time with people of other races will definitely open your mind to their ways of thinking. You may start to notice why this friend of yours likes this food, and not that one. Why he may do something in this manner, and not the other way around. And why his ideals and principles may not be exactly identical to yours. It is always refreshing to learn new perspectives and ideas from other people.

3. Bubbling Creativity & New Ideas

I believe that all of the people in the world have strengths which correspond to their race or ethnicity. It is much like how a country that is well endowed with fertile soils and unending water sources may choose to specialise in producing crops as their economic strategy. I think each race or ethnic group has their own designated uniqueness and strengths, though I can’t exactly pinpoint what they are. No one race or ethnicity is superior to the other. We are all human beings after all. Why not unite our strengths and share our knowledge? I’m sure we can all benefit from it all.

That wraps up today’s post. We hope you enjoyed this entry. : )

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