3 Things That Come to Mind When I Look at the Sky

3 Things That Come to Mind When I Look at the Sky

Everything around us has something to show and teach us. You can look at a tree branch barely holding on to the main tree and learn something from it. I sometimes like to just tilt my head back and look at the sky for fun. I think they have a lot to teach us about. Here are just a few of them-

1. The Sky is Infinitely Vast & Borderless

The only other God’s creation with this attribute is probably the ocean. It’s the view that you see- it’s so vast and wide, and it seems endless. Such is the sky. You peer up and you see this vast expense of space above you. I personally think it’s magnificent and beautiful. To me, this vastness of the sky signifies freedom and endless potentials. We all have our potentials to do what we want. We can be whoever we want to be with the right attitude and hard-work.

Our potential for doing good is endless, but unfortunately so is our potential for evil. It is all our potentials and freedom for ourselves to chart our own paths in this life. It’s not easy to not think of freedom when you see a tiny innocent bird wheeling freely in the sky. That, to me, is freedom personified.

2. The Clouds do Move, However Slowly

If you do look closely at the clouds in the sky, they do move. But it is really slow. I almost believed it was mere illusion of the eyes. Sometimes , the weather is so sunny in an instant, and then it becomes gloomy as if rain is imminent, and then sunshine comes again. Much like how life is. In life, some things remain and stay the same. We all want the good times and good things to remain as they are. But change is inevitable. It is only a matter of time. Some lives change often. Some lives are blessed with goodness that hard-times are almost non-existent. Some lives are continually fraught with hardships. Rest assured, changes will come, however swiftly or slowly. We just have to learn to adapt through the hardships and good-times.

3. The Sky has Abundance of Colours

Well, the colours are probably contributed by the sun. Anyway, the sky can be coloured in many ways. Sunsets and sunrises can have so many different colours. Sunsets can be orange, golden, and even purple! And it can even be a medley of different colours. It is very bizarre and compelling, to say the least. I think there is wisdom to be unearthed in all of this. There’s a reason why painters love to paint sunsets and sunrises, and all the colours effused within them.

I don’t know the exact wisdom of it all, but I think all of this speaks about variety and diversity. Different hues can coexist naturally on the same platform. There is harmony and concord amongst them. We, humans don’t exactly always coexist harmoniously due to our differences and diversity. But we should at least look at the sun setting one day, and say ‘I’ll try’.

That is all for today’s entry. I’m sure there are many personal interpretations of the sky that all of you may have. These are just our humble thoughts.

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