3 Things I Never Really Noticed Until Ramadhan

3 Things I Never Really Noticed Until Ramadhan

So we’re already halfway through Ramadhan and I’m glad to say it has been quite an interesting experience for me. I was quite afraid at the beginning because my weight was decreasing rather rapidly. Nonetheless it has taught me a good lesson on humility and sacrifice. There’s still about 2 weeks to go and there is no reason to retard the excellent pace that we’ve built so far. Thankfully I’ve also managed to make some simple observations throughout the 17 days that have passed. These are just mere observations so I’d prefer to allow some room for you think for yourself.

1. The society’s perception outweighs the Law

There is an equal weightage between performing the five daily prayers and fasting during Ramadhan. However some do fast but do not pray. This happens because fasting is a much more popular activity in comparison to the five daily prayers (This is of course dependent on where you live).

Now let’s take a look at movies. In order to give some ‘darkness’ to the hero, we usually allow them to have some association with murder or some other gritty crime. It seems murder is somehow politically correct when it comes to a movie hero. I’ve never seen a movie hero associated with rape, no matter how dark his or her character is made to be. They’re both punishable crimes but rape somehow stains a person’s reputation more than murder does. The society’s perception outweighs the law.

2. There actually are a lot of generous people out there

Only in Ramadhan you can get free dinner at the local masjid just about every day. It’s great news for students and people living on a budget. It’s also a great opportunity to socialize with the people of your neighborhood. The food comes from donations from the wealthy and this shows how generous our people are. Almost everybody has an intention towards good but they don’t usually express it. The suppressed intention somehow frees itself in this month.

We actually can be optimistic that we have a lot of resources. They’re just not shared. Why be generous only in Ramadhan? I know it’s not an easy thing sharing what you’ve worked hard for, but sharing resources is good for us in the long run. You won’t be able to manage everything by yourself.

3. Eating costs us a lot of our time

So this is probably the cheesiest point for this post. Hence I put it last. If it was possible, I’d love to stay strong and healthy without actually having to eat, sleep and exercise. Food takes time for us to prepare or buy it, consume it and digest it. Ramadhan has bought me time for things I want to do without actually feeling guilty for not feeding my body during the day. I’m not hating on food or anything. I’m just saying it costs some valuable time.


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