5 Thrifty Guide for Teenagers

5 Thrifty Guide for Teenagers

In these tense times, you’ve got to do something to save a little money, or just trim down your expenses.

Here’s how:

1. Cook for your tummy

   Learn this by taking up cooking class or even better, free lesson through You Tube. Cooking is less expensive than eating out.

2. Have Fewer Possessions.

Sell your collections. You can sell your comic books, shoes, dresses, toys, old electronic devices. Sell all items that you don’t need anymore online or at garage sales or swap meets.

comic books collections

3. Shop at the sales

 Wait for sales in any shopping outlets. The quality of the product stays the same, don’t worry. Save your money every month and shop during year end sales. It is worth waiting for.

4. Feed your money box

 Place 5 Ringgit or 1 USD every week (doing this before saturday will be helpful) in your money box. You’ll be surprised the results after  6 months. Just keep on doing this until you realise you got thousands or two. Treat your money box like your pet. Only this time, it won’t poop.

5. Learn to Say NO

For yourself: First and foremost learn to deny yourself spending money that you don’t have to.

Your life partner (exclusive) :

Make the people that love you understand that money is a limited resource and that you work hard for your pay check.

Love is love but money is money. Learn how to separate them and you can count on many  healthy relationships in your life. Money has destroyed many families and many friendships.

You aren’t cheap. It is better to be wise when it comes to your personal finance.

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