3 Life Lessons from Good Movies

3 Things To Learn From Watching Good Movies

To me, there has always been 2 types of movies. There are those movies that are just light entertainment that don’t exactly have depth and intricacy in them. The kind that after you watch it, you just laugh or smile it off right after the flick. The other type of movies has depth and richness, and it usually leaves the audience with a kind of lingering satisfaction and thoughts. Anyway, here’s what I think good movies have to share with us :

1. When Doing Something, Do It Thoroughly & Wholeheartedly

Sometimes, we do things for the sake of doing them. For the sake of getting it done. No true intention or devoution is poured into what we do. When we watch an amazing movie- a movie that rakes in millions or billions globally, and one that received critical acclaim from top critics- we genuinely appreciate and enjoy what we see. There’s a marked distinction between watching an average movie and an amazing movie. An amazing movie is the culmination of the hard-work of all parties involved that has a positively enduring impact on the audience.

Visionary directors, well-chosen actors, peerless cinematography and scripts, and even groundbreaking CGI all add up to the experience. The director would sometimes take the same shots hundreds of time just to get that perfect one. That superhero actor would need to wear the uncomfortable suit for hours each day just to film a scene. Needless to say, everyone involved squeezed every effort out of themselves to make the movie worthwhile and successful.

2. Teamwork & Camaraderie Can Achieve Wonders

When a movie is made, not only the actors are contributors. Nor is it only the directors. Or the cameramen. The credits after a movie is replete with names that we can’t even be bothered to wait through. The names are the people who have worked to their bones to make the movie possible. Everyone from the costume designer to the main actor needs to have that teamwork and camaraderie in making the movie. I think we should all emulate and apply the same good work ethics in our lives. Then, maybe the outcome of that would be amazing too.

3. Our Potentials Should be Pushed & Explored

I remember watching the Lord of the Rings in 2001 and was blown away by the special effects. And those special effects don’t lose their lustre even when I watch the movie now. And then James Cameron came with Avatar imbued with special effects that redefines CGI. All this is made possible the desire to always improve and develop new technologies and knowledge, to push that limit even more and go beyond their potentials. To me, that in itself is very inspiring and revolutionary. There is something to be learnt in all this – we should always find ways to maximize our potentials, talents, and if possible, go beyond our potentials.

That is all for today’s entry. Hope these are food for our thoughts.

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