3 Things a Simple ‘Like’ on Facebook Could be

3 Things a Simple ‘Like’ on Facebook Could be

I’m a big fan of social networks. There’s so many of them to name and I’m pretty sure you have your favourite ones. I’m actually here to discuss the ‘likes’ on Facebook because I find them to be very interesting. A simple ‘like’ could be so many things depending on the situation. It can also be interpreted in so many ways.

So what can a simple ‘like’ be on facebook? Here are my thoughts.

1. A ‘like’ can be the least amount of support you can give someone

I’m not sure about you but I do have some pretty emotional status updates coming  from friends that occasionally pop up on my news feed. Apparently we like masking our emotions with quotes that somehow relate to whatever situation we are facing at the moment. So what’s the least you can do for your emotional buddy? Give a simple ‘like’ to that! I know this sounds silly but it does help.

Let me explain how.

Apparently when someone is on board a roller coaster of emotions, any form of support from anyone that they might know could be the best thing to boost morale. If you have a friend in need of emotional support of course you’re going to have to do more than just giving a silly ‘like’. Nonetheless, accumulated ‘likes’ could help build confidence in a person and it might just encourage him/her to look towards the brighter side of things.

2. A ‘like’ could show that you’re determined on maintaining a friendship

You and I will have a long-lost acquaintance eventually. Out of the blue, a simple friend request pops up on the blue bar. You recognise his face but you can’t quite recall his name. Thank God that you’re on Facebook and not at a restaurant or a masjid. It cushions the fact that you don’t remember his name.

So what do you do next? Ask how he’s doing  – Common courtesy, guys. With the help of Facebook you can always keep the friendship alive with occasional ‘like’s on pictures or status updates. This isn’t 1952 and you don’t need Mr. Postman to help you keep in touch.

3. A ‘like’ could be a simple sign of courtesy

Ever have an unintentional conversation going on a status update or a new picture? And you have absolutely no idea if the person on the other end is enthusiastic or not because all you can do is read what he’s trying to say? A simple ‘like’ could be the answer when you have absolutely no idea how to end a conversation politely. Just like a funny one liner or something and it’s understandable that you are just out of good things to say. It’s always better than just leaving the conversation hanging.

This also helps in a situation of a friendly argument and the person on the other end just can’t get enough of proving his point. Just give a blue thumb up  to that and give a light-hearted comment to put out the non-existent fire. You won’t regret this.

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