3 reasons to get out of the comfort zone

3 Reasons To Get Out of the Comfort Zone

I often meet new challenges requiring me to be in total control of myself without letting my emotion gets the better of my rationale. Most of the times, I didn’t prefer myself to take on any chances that involves me getting out of my own comfort zone. Fear of risks and own perspectives maybe abraded; this has always occured in my mind whenever this situation occurs. As a reflection to this, I’d say myself to be coward and pessimistic. But as time goes by, I realize that I need to be out of my comfort zone in certain circumstances. Here are the reasons why.

1. It’s about taking risks.

I watched a movie called Temple Grandin earlier this year and for you guys who haven’t watched the movie, it’s about an autistic lady who’s at the same time, brilliant and have excellent pictorial memorising ability. Her most influential person was her own Science teacher. Despite being an autistic, she takes on challenges that stand in her way merely believing in what’s been said by that teacher of hers that those challenges should be treated as doors to new worlds. Such worlds promise millions of opportunities. It got me thinking that sometimes a risk must to be taken for us to move forward.

2. It’s good. Always.

I remember my Power Networks teacher once mentioned in our class, “a diamond is just a piece of coal which does well under pressure”. The proverb couldn’t be any simpler to leave us in awe on that day. The main point is, I should expect some difficulties while moving on with my own life for that would probably foster the best of qualities in the future. Optimistic? Now we’re talking 😀

3. It May Reward You with Something Better.

Normally, as our educational system may have put it, we’d strive our best to excel in tests and exams. Well, as I’m going abroad later this year and to the fact that my university accounts 95% of my assessment to be contributed from final exams, I’m taking it as positive as it should be. The remaining 5% may only be the best platform for me to bust my brain out for ideas during tests and lab sessions. It just won’t amount to much, is it? Now, what’s better than that aiye?

As a believer, particularly a Muslim believer, I believe that for every occurrence in my life, none of them was invaluable. I just have to adapt with the upcoming challenges and that’s just all that matters really. Being mature is at the same time being optimistic and realistic. Think about it peeps. Cheers 🙂


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