How To Get Humility

How To Get Humility

Most of us think that humility is the trait of the underserved. When we lack something, we tend to be full of humility. This is, in a way true. However, it is common for humility to erode when we have all that we want. I think it shouldn’t be this way. We should have more humility as we become more wholesome human beings. Here’s a few suggestions on how to get it.

1. Respect Other People

Without respect for others, humility is very much gone. Having humility and respecting others go hand in hand. If one doesn’t have respect for other people, it implicitly means that he thinks he is above and better than others. This will then develop arrogance and ego – 2 of the worst traits a person can have. Respect other people’s views, differences and personalities. They may be different for a reason. Even if you don’t agree with their differences, you should still try to respect them on a basic level of humanity. Then slowly will you build that sense of humility.

2. Accept Imperfections

No one is perfect. Probably the most-used cliché of all time I’d say. But it rings the truth. You can try to be perfect, and sadly you can do just that. When things don’t go as planned, we shouldn’t wallow in self-dejection for too long. Don’t sulk for too long thinking that our ideals and perfect plannings have gone to naught. Things turn out the way God intends them to be. Men propose, God disposes. There’s a reason why all of us are imperfect. I think one of the reasons why it is so, is because so that we can share our strengths and patch up our weaknesses. So that we learn to be inter-dependent, sharing and respectful toward one another.

3. Be Humble About Your Achievements

It’s almost too easy to be showy about what we have achieved. It’s a terrible innate human nature. Being humble about what we have is a noble attitude. Now, I’m not suggesting that we just sit and hide our achievements to ourselves. There are times when we have to show what we are capable of, but we should do so tactfully and humbly, without being offensive and arrogant. Recognize that with piling achievements, there should also be piling sense of humility. But most of the time, it goes the other way. Think about it. You learn and earn something great, and that journey of attaining that greatness should make you more human, more down-to-earth, and nearer to becoming better individuals.

4. Feel & Express Gratitude

Feeling gratitude is easy compared to expressing gratitude. Sometimes, we take the good that comes our way for granted and fail to express our gratitude. We should say ‘Alhamdulillah’ on a daily basis. We should learn to thank anyone who helped us in any way possible, irrespective of how small that help may be. Feeling and expressing gratitude helps to lower ourselves to the point where we acknowledge that we benefit from the good that’s bestowed upon us. It kills the ego and arrogance effectively. Try it, and feel the nurturing humility inside.

That is all for today’s post. Hope it is beneficial for all of our readers out there.

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