3 Reasons to Dress Modestly and Appropriately

3 Reasons to Dress Modestly and Appropriately

Clothing ourselves is a very overlooked part of our daily existence. We primarily clad ourselves for the sake of masking nudity. We sometimes clad ourselves to get indecent attention. And we sometimes we clad to impress people. There are numerous secondary reasons which dictate how we dress. In this post, I’d like to suggest several reasons why we should all redress our dressing into one of modesty and appropriateness.

1. You Get More Respect from Others

Undoubtedly this shouldn’t be one’s primary aim in dressing. But hear this, you will get respect from others if you dress properly. It’s part of the deal. Put aside all the fancy ideas of expensive clothings and colourful apparels, and simply dress properly. Dress to impress should be second. First, we should learn dress modestly and appropriately wherever we go. Appropriateness means we can’t be wearing pyjamas to the office. It simply doesn’t cut it. Modesty in dressing means covering up limbs and parts that should be covered from peering eyes. All of us know what modesty in dressing is, but most of us choose not to care about it. Go figure.

2. Makes Life Easier for You

Seriously? Yeap. Imagine a muslim guy wearing shorts to the shopping mall, prancing around from shop to shop. And come prayer time, he goes to the prayer room to perform the prayers. Well, he can’t be praying in that shorts. So, he’d grab the cloth to enhance his modesty to prayer-standard. Now, I think that’s rather inconvenient. Why not just wear a decent jeans or trousers? Problem solved. Looks more awesome as well. Plus, that guy prolly won’t be freezing in the cinema too. I remember some girls in my class who wore shorts in an air-conditioned classroom. And then they would complain that the classroom is “too cold”. The funny thing is, their upper body seemed to be perfectly enclosed in thick sweaters. Why can’t they do the same for their legs? Gee..

3. What & How You Dress Defines You

Ever wonder why people sometimes don’t take you seriously because of how you dress? Come to class in shorts and singlets, and don’t be surprised if your lecturer doesn’t take you seriously. It is undeniable that people form connections between what you wear with characteristic and behavioural connotations. If your dressing looks like an intelligent person, in most cases, you will be treated as such. If you dress so horridly shabby, don’t blame others if they think you are a vagrant. People can’t help it. We have a subconscious mental image of the types of clothings in relation to the wearers. If a girl dresses as scantily as one that works in a brothel, and then she becomes repulsed when guys become as cheekily forward with her as the visitors of the brothel, who’s to blame? Who’s evoking an indecent mental image in who? Wouldn’t we all want to define ourselves in a positive light and let people see us in that light too? Dressing makes up a lot of that self-worth and perception.

That’s all for today’s post. Hope all of you gained something from it.

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One response to “3 Reasons to Dress Modestly and Appropriately

  1. Thanks for this article. Young girls and women need to be educated on self respect and morals. I’m glad someone else has higher standards like me. It’s difficult to understand how important becoming a better person is until you decide to take life more seriously and become one.

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