2 Things That Come to My Mind When I Look at Panda Bears in a Zoo

Things That Come to My Mind When I Look at Panda Bears in a Zoo

So I saw some panda bears up front for the first time after almost 20 years. They’re lazy and shy. They’re also an adorable bunch. The local tourism in Beijing is impressive. That has to be great for the economy. It wasn’t easy getting pictures of the panda bears as they just shy away from crowds. Only occasionally there is a good photo opportunity. Even when that came I had to swim around in the ocean of human beings. But hey, I’m quite happy with the shot above. So what life lessons do panda bears have to offer?

1. Being too selective is not a good thing

Pandas are known for being selective even when it comes to food and sexual partners. This hasn’t been easy on their population. That’s one of the several reasons panda bears are facing extinction. Their selectiveness in foods is also taxing on the zoo managers. This relates to us in so many ways. We’re sometimes too selective when it comes to friends, family members, and the other people that we let come into our lives. We shouldn’t be because opportunities lie everywhere. The person you just met in the train could just be the bridge you had to cross for that big jump in your life. Being too selective is shutting doors if opportunities in your life.

2. When you’re special and you know it, don’t let others manipulate you

Pandas are a treasured bunch. They’re black, white and Asian. They’re also very adorable for a species related to the grizzlies and other ferocious bears. They’re the face of WWF, they’re one of the mascots for the 2008 Olympics (Jing Jing) and they even have a Kung Fu fighting celebrity among them. The only thing is they don’t know how special they are. Their absence of knowledge of this matter has led them to become manipulated celebrities. Imagine if Pandas could talk like us and understand what’s going on right now. They could sue and claim royalty to a bucket load of things. What I’m trying to say here is be quick to recognize your specialties. Use them to your best interest. I recall Heath Ledger as the joker saying “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”


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