3 Things About Funerals

3 Things About Funerals

Yesterday, my uncle passed away. His health had slowly deteriorated as he underwent surgeries to remedy that situation. So, my family and I went to the funeral. Here are 3 things I’ve gathered from my time there.

1. The Time the Whole Family Gathers

Ironically, this is probably the other time that you can meet your entire family, aside from Eid day. And the congregation isn’t for a joyous occasion, granted. But truly, all family and relatives flock back to the house at which the funeral is held and you can see them all. I wonder, is death (other than a supremely joyous occasion; Eid) what it takes to get everyone together? Is that it? I can’t help but feel something amiss in all of that.

2. Analysis of Familial Relationships

When there is a death in the family, we immediately tell all our relatives of it. Those who live nearby can easily go to the place of funeral. What about those live in another state? Or even in another country? My uncle came to my late uncle’s place yesterday, but he did not make it for the interment. It’s a 5 hour drive from his place to my uncle’s. But thankfully, my late uncle’s children managed to fly back from abroad just in time for their father’s funeral. But, what if it’s sudden death? Would they have made it for their father’s funeral? I doubt it. Not when the flight is more than 10 hours. And how would you feel if you miss your own father’s funeral just because you decided a while back to stay abroad away from them? We shouldn’t live too far from them in the first place. They are our parents. We should treasure them while they are still with us.

3. The Time of Self-Reflection

You see the lifeless body and you start thinking of yourself – “When is my time?” That notion will pop up in everyone’s mind. There’s a reason why most people are quiet at funerals. If they aren’t, they’re probably talking about something else to distract themselves from that grim thought. In our Deen, before the completion of the interment, the religious leader will recite the questions that will be asked to the deceased in his tomb. So what if the questions are leaked to us in this world? We aren’t the ones who are going to answer them. Our worldly deeds will do it for us. Thus, we need to seriously amass good deeds before our time comes.

That is all for today’s post. These are just my takes based on what I observed yesterday. Hope to hear from our readers, as always.

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