2 Reasons Why Criticisms Build and Praises Are Possible Destroyers

2 Reasons Why Criticisms Build and Praises Are Possible Destroyers

I have come across many hardships, ups and downs of being a student. Particularly, an engineering student. It’s a norm in studying to witness someone who was given by Him with exceptional abilities be it mentally or physically. The prime reason why I mentioned “mentally and physically” is because these two are of utmost urgency in assessing how unique a person is. At least in my thoughts. I don’t know yours.

Also, it is our nature to praise something that’s wonderful and to criticize something that’s horrendous instead. We may have done these two things to someone we know or to someone we see on TV.

Oftentimes, we are advised about certain things in a way that the other person thinks those things could be done more appropriately and with greater ease. It’s always good to be able to absorb the other person’s point of view as we, as humans, inevitably make mistakes. And that’s just what we are doing.

Logically speaking, there exists good and bad way of doing things and that includes sharing point of views with others. Criticisms can sometimes build but on the contrary, praises may not. And here are some of the reasons why:

1. Criticisms will show you how bad you are while praises can have double meanings.

I’d say the truth about this point will only be applicable once you have that good assumption about other person.

You see, one of the odds of being humans is we act to please others. Even when the acts are completely unworthy of praises. This is wrong and unnecessary at certain times as you are, in other words, not being honest.

The solution? Sometimes, if we are to improve certain things wholly, we should take the risks and it’s the same when improving the bad side of people to the better. We may have to criticize rationally and periodically.

2. Criticisms guide to the unseen truth while praises may drag us further away.

Remember the days when we had theories about how the world should run in the first place? About the possibilities of events?

Well, for me, at least the way I see it, compared to nowadays, being in a comfort zone is the reason why the former deduced theories of ours appear inapplicable or unrealistic. All principles are already proven to be valid in the comfort zone and we eventually act to neglect any ideas that appear inapplicable while we are in that comfort zone. In fact, we often bow to the pressure of being in that comfort zone to the extent that it restricts and limits our logical thoughts and imagination.

Possibilities discuss about possible events. Events which are possible of occurring. Praises may reduce the possibility by making us comfortable while critics not. Critics will provide much desire for us to do some further investigation about an issue while praises may halt our desire to do such a thing. Correct?

Treat critics and praises the way you want. It’s what makes us unique anyway. That’s all. Cheers 🙂

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