3 Advantages of Arguing

Arguing and Its Advantages

It is common for us to be involved in arguments and fights. From the small ones to the big ones. In fact, it is natural because by default, we all have ego and have a grasp on something that we believe is true. To some, a slight deviation can even turn the table upside down. But what if the truth is not what is what was made observable only to you? What if the truth is made to be actually held by that disagreeing person in front of you? Here are some advantages of arguing in a discussion that I can think of –

1. You Get to Know the Best of Something.

Oftentimes we argue about things revolving in that same area of knowledge. To me, it is as simple as making a curry puff. Your goal is just to enjoy some warm and nice curry puff and you know how to make one in your own way. But then, someone you knew from your backyard has a better recipe and its deliciousness has you smiling once you eat it. So now, would you prefer fighting or would you prefer an even nicer curry puff?

2. It tells You About your Own Self. And What is To Worry.

Sometimes, we lose ourselves in the midst of talking. It may not happen to you, but I’ve seen some people of this character. The deen (read: religion) preaches to good things and the best part of having a deen as your lifelong guide is that it helps you to be good at all times. That includes when arguing. Whenever you lose control over your emotions, it’s best for you to step back and analyze your belief and to be exact; faith.

You see, when we get ourselves in arguments, usually the other person would have the temptation of judging our acts in comparison to what comes out from our mouth. Although you knew that the habit of judging others is not advisable, whenever the situation occurs, it may be a cue for you in valuing your own self.

In other words, arguing in a discussion can redefine your view of yourselves; physically and spiritually.

3. You Get to Know Others’ Personalities As Well.

It’s normal for people to come out with some points as a proof of their rationale and it’s expected for you to do the exact same thing in an argument or a discussion. However, these two situations are actually and entirely an option. To voice out or to keep your mouth shut, you take the pick.

By default, we will speak and deliver what is accepted as true to us. If we take a fact as a partial truth of what’s really going on around an issue, it is the actual truth that we accept. The exact same process is happening while I’m typing and while you reading. So, it’s conclusive that while you’re reading, you have the chance of understanding my way of looking at things and accepting them as truth. Later, with a deeper thought, you will have a clue on my personalities. Minds guide what bodies act. That is happening to me while I’m typing (or while someone else is talking to you) as it’s happening to you while you’re reading (or listening). And it indirectly describes my personalities.

I conclude that there’s more into arguing than just about hurting others while making sure your points are at all times heard. Ego’s fine but controlling it is much better and more beneficial.

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