3 Ways To Show Appreciation

3 Ways To Show Appreciation

Appreciation is something that all of us seek. It is much like forgiveness in a way. We don’t normally seek appreciation in an outright manner. It is more of a subconscious longing. I mean, we don’t exactly despair if our best friends don’t say “Thank you” to us for every single deed we do them. That’s normal. That’s where the expression “Familiarity breeds contempt” originates from anyway. But truthfully, when they do, that feeling of being appreciated really warms the heart. You know that feeling.

1. Acknowledge the Good That is Shown to You

Say “Thank you”. Smile. Do something that would show the other person who has done you a favour that you appreciate his favour or help. It is simple. Most of the time, we forget. Or we take it lightly. But you’d be surprised how much good can come from just showing your gratitude to that person. Try it. Others might just start appreciating you more for what you do when all this while it’s a mutual non-appreciating fest.

2. Return the Favours Willingly & Knowingly

This is the tough part. Most of us love it when we receive aid from others. We feel infinitely grateful for it. But really, how many of us would actually help back the person who helped us? Some would pass on that opportunity to return the favour. We take it for granted. Even if that person doesn’t mind if you don’t help him. Even if there is no written agreement saying that ‘I helped you, so next time when I require your aid, you must come to mine’. We must bear in mind that it should come naturally to help the person who helped us. If not, there is something seriously wrong with us and we need some serious self-reflection.

3. Start Giving More to Others

Not necessarily material goods. And not necessarily to those who have helped you. You can give even to others who have never helped you before. Even strangers. Appreciate the fact that we are still living, still healthy, and still capable of giving to others. If all of us are charitable to one another, imagine how much good will come from it. How much ties will be strengthened and how much tolerance and happiness will be created. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, majestic or stupendous. It can be as simple as sharing what’s been cooked with the next door neighbor. Over even doing the house chores and give your mum a break she rightfully deserves. There are endless things that we can do to give more to others. We simply have to want to do it.

Every day, I pass the kitchen, and I always see what’s been pasted on the wall, reading

“Give & Receive. Live each day as if it was your last, and you will find each
day worth living for. Do something special for yourself and for others.
Each day, every day”

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to end the post than the quote above. Hope you enjoyed this one.

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