3 Reasons to Start Forgiving Others

3 Reasons to Start Forgiving Others
Magnanimity is a rare attribute that seems to elude most of us these days. Sometimes, our forgiveness is half-hearted and we don’t really mean it. It’s quite normal. We get hurt, and want to heal before granting anyone forgiveness. But I’d say, forgiveness is the first step to that healing. Here’s why :

1. Forgiveness is For Yourself

It mends the heart and expels negative emotions. It lets you move on with life. If you keep on holding to that grudge or vengeance, you’ll only sap away your energies into those negative goals, instead of focusing on the good things in life. Think of it as a therapy for the soul and character. Refusing to forgive is the commencement of a vile festering of character. It starts to breed other bad behaviours and actions.

2. You Don’t Need to be Forgiven to Forgive Others

Most of the time, we think that if that someone whom we’ve wronged doesn’t forgive us, we should not forgive them, or worse, we should be incapable of forgiving them. Who said that? You can forgive someone even though he or she refuses to do the same. Because, forgiveness starts within the heart. And then it translates into good behaviours and actions. Once one forgives, his part is done. The other person is forgiven, and he should start forgiving too.

3. Everyone Seeks Forgiveness

Only the hardest-hearted and most inhuman person with no capacity for feelings or emotions wouldn’t want to be forgiven. Everyone wants to be forgiven. When we pray, we seek forgiveness from God, above all other things. When we wrong someone intentionally or unintentionally, we often say “Please forgive me” or “I’m sorry”. On Eid day, we seek forgiveness from our parents and elders, family and friends. Part of the joy of that day is the fact that everyone seeks forgiveness and everyone is forgiven. Let bygones be bygones. Start afresh without the crippling past.

That is all for now. We should try our best to swallow our anger and ego to forgive others. It is hard to do, I know. Most things worth doing are.

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