Keeping The Fire Alive (3 Ways to Avoid Plateauing)

Keeping The Fire Alive (3 Ways to Avoid Plateauing)

I have a dream. You have a dream. We all have dreams that we’d like to realize. The problem is staying focused and motivated on whatever goal it is that we have. What do you do to keep yourself progressing instead of plateauing into a dull future?

1. Take a detour

It’s a lot easier solving a maze in the newspaper than actually getting out of a life sized maze. By taking a detour, we mean doing something out of your comfort zone. Why? Well, because it gives you a good view of your strengths and weaknesses. Spend your weekends wisely. There are always opportunities for volunteering or trying out something totally new. They are good platforms for you to get out of the comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to invest your time or money on new opportunities because they will give you the equivalent profit.

2. Don’t be satisfied with good enough

If you’re being comfortable with ‘good enough’ you will pay for the price. Stop lying to yourself. There is always huge room for improvement. Not being satisfied with ‘good enough’ may sound absurd at first but it’s not that you don’t appreciate what you have. It’s about realizing greater potential in you. Don’t call it being ‘greedy’. It sounds so discouraging. Instead let’s call this being visionary.

3. Mingle with those better than you

You may know some people who are better than you in the same field. Mingle with them because they keep you humbled and jealous with their successes. Don’t go asking for direct advice from them because it never works. Instead observe their positive behavior and aim to be better than that. We’re not telling you to ditch those whom you feel superior to. However you should set superior figures as your benchmark. Being around those who humble you force you to think more and strive for self-improvement. Befriend them and you might just say hello to a progressive future.

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