3 Things That We Often Forget Until We Are Reminded of Them

3 Things That We Often Forget Until We Are Reminded of Them

We are all forgetful at times. It’s normal. Our life may be so busy that no thoughts can be spared for other things other than attaining our goals and living our dreams. However, I think there are several things worth remembering as we course through our lives.

1. Health

Being healthy feels great. It is probably the best thing to anyone in this world. Without health, we can’t possibly carry on living. Often, we forget to stop and think of how lucky we are to be healthy. Not everyone in this world is fortunate to live a healthy life. Some are bound to a wheelchair for life. Some may be on medication for as long as he lives. The point is, we should always remember the healthy state we are in, and work towards preserving that precious health.

But we do forget most of the time. Our busy life may hinder us from living a healthy life. We work endless hours a day, get inadequate sleep and get the fastest meals available on-the-go every day. Then bang, one day, you snap. And probably end up visiting the hospital more than you do the office.

2. Family & Friends

Some people are closer to their friends than they are to their family. Some are closer to their family than they are to their friends. I’d say we should strike a balance. Why not have both? And treat them with equal warmth, respect and love? Sometimes, we appreciate them more when they are not around. You make new friends at a new school, and your new friends may not understand you like your old ones do. Then you start thinking back about your old buddies in your old school. Your parents may ask you to come back during the holidays, and you live abroad, and you are filled with reluctance to do so.

Truthfully, we never know just when they might no longer be around anymore. Then the truth slaps us in the face, and we wish we could turn back the clock make it up to them.

3. Memories

Memories are interesting things. Sometimes, we want to remember things that happened in our lives but just can’t. Sometimes, we want to forget them so badly but we simply can’t. Memories can either make you, or break you. Bad memories are often hard to forget. Some may be affected by it for a long time. Others get back on their feet quickly and move on. Good memories that we remember are always the ones we cherish. We draw strength and wisdom from them.

Life may present us with challenges that we think are insurmountable at first. Sometimes, we feel like giving up. During these moments, we are often reminded of the things we have gone through in life. For instance, you may have a major setback in your life, and then you start thinking “How did I end up like this?” Perhaps you should look back, think of all the things that you overcame when you thought they were impossible to surmount. And come back to the present, you might just be emboldened and determined to overcome your new-found problem with renewed hope and wisdom.

That is all for now. Hope you enjoyed this entry. What other things you can think of that we often overlook?

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2 responses to “3 Things That We Often Forget Until We Are Reminded of Them

  1. You meet new frens often….but it is rather rare meeting new families?…so I should say that family comes first?

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