The Work-Out That Worked Out For Me (2-Burn)

The Work-Out That Worked Out For Me (2-Burn)

So earlier I posted about having minimal rest between sets. Now the thing about sets is you shouldn’t be counting them. Instead you should make them count. Besides having proper technique, you should continue with your sets until you feel the burn.

2. Feel the burn, baby

Don’t do this if you’ve just started working out. It can be quite demotivating the next day. But if you find your work-out to be at a plateau, you might want to try this.

Focus on one exercise at a time instead of jumping from one machine to another. Not only is this better to focus on the target muscle, other gym users would appreciate this as well.

Start out with the weights that your body considers being light. Do 2 sets of 10 as a warm up. Later increase the weight and do another set of 10. If this is still light for your body, choose the weights which give your muscles some challenge. Now stick to this set of weight and continue doing sets of 10 with proper technique. Remember to consciously squeeze the target muscles. You’ll probably feel the ecstasy after 3 or 4 sets. It depends on you. Now it’s time to switch to the ‘heavy’ weights which will give you the desired burn or pump. If you can still stick to the same number of reps, that’s great. If not reduce the reps to 8 per set. If you can’t handle this, go down to 6. I don’t know about you but it helps me to count “1,2,3,4 “ and “1,2,3,4” instead of “1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8”. It’s a mental thing perhaps.

Once you’re done, take a rest. And when you’re done resting, hit the same target muscle with a different variation. Repeat the same steps. I usually do 4 or 6 variations. It depends on your strength and stamina. And once you’re done with everything, hit the target muscle with your body weight. If you’re targeting your back, do your wide grip pull-ups and if you’re targeting your chest, hit the dips. Do as many as your body allows you.

You will feel tired and satisfied once you’ve completed this. This work-out really targets the desired muscle and it burns a lot of calories so it’s also a good way of revealing your abs. Remember to feed your muscles later on with good food to say hello to the growth.

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