Alternatives to Consider When You Think You Are the Best Among Those Around You

Alternatives to Consider When You Think You Are the Best Among Those Around You

Let’s face it.

The human mind is easily attached to things that excite it. It is easy for us to get attached to things that are meaningful to us and this has forever been our weakness. The good thing is that it can also be our strength, the factor that keeps us moving. Certain things may appear easing to one’s eyes but not to another.

Our one inevitable nature is we communicate. We talk to each other while sharing news and ideas. The problem comes when the discussed topic is somewhat an excitement to one party, or even both parties. When this condition is met, most likely, the temptations for arguing and defending ideas will exist. It’s hard for one person to avoid such a situation really. The conversation becomes a debate and anxiety will grow, indicating fear of losing the debate. Some would unhesitatingly mock the other person at this moment yet some may stay calm and steady. We think the latter may be more experienced in arguing. Arguments happen and we have some things you could keep in mind to help prosper a healthier social.

1. Everyone has untapped potentials

We should consider that others are also able to think for themselves. In other words, the state of being superior does not really belong to you. It all depends on God’s will. If He favours it to you, then, you will take the joy from it. If not, you will be in the state of the unknowing. Only if we pray, He will grant us our wills. Reflecting to this, we can conclude that each and every one of us has a potential. Each and every one of us is equal in basis.

It is the case of whom He prefers. It is the case of whose potential is tapped and He prefers to tap.

2. The complementary principle

This principle is best explained with an analogy. We love to simplify things for our readers.

Let us take this article as an example. You are reading this very article. The sentences in this article are accepted by your senses and later, your mind concludes a statement of idea from the sentences that you have read. This is the case of the complementary principle. One sentence complements the other. That complementary state further results to the understanding of the whole article, generating an idea in your mind. This process will keep on repeating itself as we regularly put small things together in the pursuit of understanding something that is bigger. We can’t deny this occurrence and that is the very reason we call it a principle and not just a mere theory.

The complementary principle applies to ideas you hear in an argument. Instead of forcing your opinions onto others, learn to connect the dots and you might just find a solution for a problem. If you really think that you are the best of your kind, how would you reflect yourself to the Earth that we live in? You can’t run this world alone. It’s impossible.

The world runs with harmony among beings, not individualism.

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