3 Reasons Why No One is Absolutely Better Than Anyone

3 Reasons Why No One is Absolutely Better Than Anyone

Sure, you may be better than the other person in something. But to say that you’re absolutely better than him in everything is wishful thinking and sadly delusional. No one is absolutely better than anyone. Here’s why.

1. What you’re truly good at is just a niche area

It’s like specializing in your own field. A practising doctor is undoubtedly superior in medical knowledge compared to, say a businessman. Likewise, a businessman probably knows more about the markets than a doctor. You may have a friend who is very proficient at doing something, and you may not even be remotely near as good as he is. In that case, he is a master in his field. But so are you. Surely you have your own unique strengths that that other person does not have. So, smile about it.

2. It’s impossible to be truly good at everything.

Unless you’re Bruce Wayne. His fictional genius is probably unattainable in our world of reality. Either way, there’s only so much time we have to become truly good at doing everything. You can wet your feet in everything that you try doing in life, but that doesn’t make you absolutely superior to others. That merely makes you exposed and worldly. Our capacity for learning can be limited by time, resources and interest. We may be so busy that we only do things that matter to us, and thus we tend to do things that mostly interest us. And sometimes, we may not have the optimal resources required to be very good at what we like doing too.

3. You can’t be truly sure who might just be better than you

It tickles me when I sometimes watch videos online, and comments would say – This guy is the best musician! He’s the best athlete! No one is smarter than this guy! Yeah, right. You don’t know that. The world is vast, and there are so many people, so many talents, and so much knowledge. Just because some people are not recognized internationally in their fields, doesn’t mean that they don’t stand a chance to be as good or better. Sure, some famous guitarist displays an otherworldly ability to play the guitar and then be proclaimed as the world’s best guitarist. I’d say, he’s one of the best ‘famous’ guitarists. Because he is known by many. But, there could just be some unknown dude who practises 10 hours a day on his guitar in his basement, probably better, or as good at playing it. We can never be truly certain.

That’s all for this post. Hopefully we’ll appreciate the diversity in ourselves and those around us and respect each others’ inherent strengths and weaknesses. We are, after all, merely humans.


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