3 Worst Attitudes One Can Have

 3 Worst Attitudes One Can Have

Everyone has good attitudes and bad ones. The bad ones sometimes get the best of us and we become someone we shouldn’t be. We should seek to minimize our bad attitudes so that we don’t end up hurting other people. Here are some of the worst attitudes I can think of –

1. Expecting Perfection From Others Always

And when one setback happens, or one minor flaw is revealed, you get condemned and reprimanded as if you hadn’t done anything good at all before. As if all the good things and achievements that you achieved are overshadowed mercilessly by one minor setback. For instance, you can be the most amazing sportsman ever, and been winning all the major events. Say, in one tournament, you slacked and lost. What is the most common reaction you get from anyone? Your coach would probably howl at you afterwards, what more the fans? Profanity and insults abound. Appreciation becomes prejudiced judgement. We shouldn’t be like this. We are better than this.

2. Being With Someone Only When You Need Them

And when you get what you want, you ignore the ones who helped you. Yes. We all know the feeling of this one. We all have had people of this nature in our lives. He or she seems to be non-existent for most of the time, then out of nowhere, you get a text, or a phone call, or an unexpected visit, and that ‘friend’ would come and beg for something. Anything – help, cash, participation etc. We shouldn’t be like that to the people in our lives. I’m not suggesting spending time with them all the time. Just don’t treat them as if they are insignificant when life is all sunshine, and when doom sets in you grovel on your knees for their companionship.

3. Giving Less And be Calculative About It

We should help out because we are sincere and willing about doing it. Not because we want the other person to help us back. That is a minor expectation. Rightfully, it should come as natural to return the favour of those who aided us. No one has to point fingers to anybody. We should know it intuitively ourselves. They say giving is better than receiving and that is the truth. If we want to give, then give, but don’t bring up the good deed that was done. Even when others don’t seem to be as charitable as we have been. Even when we think that we deserve the same good treatment that we’ve been giving to people around us. If we can’t do that, we are better off being the receivers and give less.

These are just some of the attitudes that we may or may not possess. There are countless others, I’m sure. Anyway, we should evaluate ourselves always so that we may be free of these hurtful attitudes. That is all for now.

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