3 Wrong Motives in Life

The Wrong Motives in Life

You probably go through the same routine every day. Each month is pretty much the same too. You wake up so you could work and you work so you could afford to live well another day. We think life is more than just repeating a silly cycle and we’re pretty sure that you have your own aims in life. We don’t know what they might be but they better not be the ones we’ve listed below.

1. Impressing someone

That someone could be your superior or just a potential spouse but either way you should never build your life around the sole objective of impressing them. They hardly even pay attention to you. Once you live to impress someone, you no longer live for your objectives. Instead you live for another person’s goals in life. It’ll all sound good in the beginning but eventually you will realize what a pointless life you are starting to live. Things will only get worse when that person no longer finds you useful. So, don’t be in denial of your personal needs and stand your ground on that fact.

2. Revenge

Revenge is often portrayed as something of a heroic behaviour in movies, but in reality it’s one of the stupidest things you could ever do in your entire life. It is very unlikely that something so tragic could be done unto you and you’re not as heroic as you think you are. Don’t confuse revenge with rivalry because rivalry is something healthy but revenge is not. Trying to get back at someone is a waste of time because while you’re busy thinking of ways to bring someone down, he’s working hard on a thousand ways to make himself better. Being ‘revengeful’ only makes you angry because you won’t be able to live with another person’s success. Seriously, think about it. It’s a very stupid thing to do.

3. Pleasing everyone

You can’t make everyone like you and you can’t expect to hear good words about you everywhere you go.  People will misunderstand what you say and some people will detest you. Some things are just beyond your control and you have to accept that fact. Trying to please everyone will only leave you tangled in a big web of conflict and identity crisis. Prioritise on the people who love you and will be there for you in hard times.

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