3 Places To Go To Fix the Incorrigible

3 Places To Go To Fix the Incorrigible

None of us are free from bad habits, attitudes, and tendencies. Some may be openly wicked and detestable. Some enjoy being deplorable with their acquaintances. Others may have their own personal vice which no one knows about. Either way, these habits often make people incorrigible. And being incorrigible is hard to fix because it’s a very personal thing. You either want to change, or you don’t. There’s no maybe. Here’s a few suggestions.

1. Hospital.

We all know who go to the hospital and why. It’s fair to say that a hospital is rather depressing. Sure, we can see patients recovering and embracing life. But really, the first thing that comes to our mind when someone motions to a hospital is hardly encouraging. Go figure. I went to the hospital a few times recently following my dad for his medical check-up, and no, I don’t particularly enjoy being there. I think that the hospital shoves the truth into our face. Being sick is real. Dying is real. But so is recovering. Get a die-hard smoker to observe a lung cancer operation and he’ll probably consider quitting smoking. Seeing a diabetic amputee in a wheelchair might just help us reduce the innumerable cans of sodas that we down so frequently. Who knows, we might just start exercising regularly after an unexpected visit to the hospital.

2. Old Folks’ Home.

When I was little, I used to visit my grandmother’s cousin who lived in an old folks’ home. I didn’t know why she was sent there in the first place. But she was very old, and was afflicted with sickness. It was always eye-opening to visit her. I remember a parrot nestled in the cage at the entrance of the building, probably as miserable as the inhabitants of the old folks’ home itself. The whole place spoke volumes about life, family, emotions, charity and health. I would wonder, why are they staying here in the first place? Where are their family? Really, I felt empathic about the whole institution. I’d feel grateful and fortunate that at least my life isn’t as trying or wanting as those who live there.

3. The Cemetery.

Probably the grimmest place on earth, no doubt. And also the place that most of us avoid at all costs. Seriously, the only time we ever go to a cemetery is probably during a funeral of family or friends. That being said, I’m not suggesting that all of us go to the cemetery every day to fix ourselves. Nor do I suggest going there like a bunch of depressed people smoking pots at night. I definitely don’t do that. That’s just not it. Honestly, there’s no other place in this world that reminds you more of the untarnished realities of life. Seeing the mounds on the ground is a potent reminder of our eventual end. Someday, we are going to take a place in that little space of earth. Why shove that thought aside? It doesn’t change the fact that it is true and it will happen. With that thought in mind, we should hungrily seek to do good and to avoid evil at all times. Hopefully, this will make us a better human being.

These are my two cents on a rather new and intriguing topic. This post isn’t meant to be self-righteous in any way. They are merely suggestions on my part. There are many places one can go to, get inspired to change, and even experience a wonderful moment of epiphany. To that I’d say, to each, his own.

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