3 Reasons to Be Patient

3 Reasons to Be Patient

Everyone is entitled to be not-so-patient when something really bad happens. I mean, when your car breaks down and you’re late for work, we don’t expect you to be all smiles and affable. That’s definitely not it. Frankly, my level of patience isn’t utterly holistic either. I do get angry and agitated occasionally, just like most people. But I’d like to share with you some reasons why all of us should do the hardest thing of all, more frequently – be patient.

1. You Have More Respect For Yourself.

We sometimes do and say things that we don’t mean and wish we could take them back when lose our patience. We might be the meanest person ever as we embrace the no-nonsense no-patience side of us. Well, everyone has this malicious side. But I believe that being temperate, sensible and patient in tough times is worth the effort. Say, you explode and pour forth your anger and profanity onto someone who has wronged you, would you have respected yourself when you think back about it the next day? Or next week? Most of the time, we don’t feel proud of what we did.

2. Set a Good Example.

Swallow your anger in times of betrayal, difficulty and hardships and that is the mark of a noble human being. And it is a very hard thing to do. We can’t always suppress our anger. Being angry in certain situations is normal. But relishing in that anger for too long is not the right thing to do. Rein in the anger in front of your friends, family, children and elders and inadvertently we are setting the best example to them. Also, when life gets tough, it either breaks you or makes you. Being patient in these times inculcate a sense of dependency on God as our sustainer. With that in mind, we should not give up and keep on striving through the hard times.

3. Be Better Than The Other Person.

2 wrongs don’t make a right. Sometimes we do deserve to be reprimanded for the wrongs that we do. Our employer might scold us in a way that enrages our blood. Sometimes our friend fails to show up for the meet-up. Things such as these happen. But should we retaliate to them during these moments, is there really any good to it? Are we better off shouting like an animal in retaliation, or is it better to be sensible and patient? We all know which is the better path.

That wraps up today’s post. Hope you enjoyed reading it. Do write in on the comments section, as always.

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2 responses to “3 Reasons to Be Patient

  1. Hey Arif, I enjoyed reading all your articles. This one in particular, sort of gave me an epiphany, and I’m deeply thankful for that. Looking forward to more incoming articles from you man!

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