3 Reasons Why The Young and Old Are Similar

Why The Young and Old Are Similar

Life is cyclical, and not linear. The state that we were born in is sometimes replicated when we reach old age. By young, I mean those in infancy and children. And by old, most definitely I’m referring to senior people. Both of these groups of people have some things in common, in my opinion.

1. Helplessness

When a baby is born, he is completely helpless and in need of others’ help. He cannot fend off any danger on his own. Rather, he is at the mercy of those around him. Children aren’t as helpless as a baby, most definitely, but they still need the protection and shelter from their elders. If a person lives on to reach old age, it is inevitable that our body degenerates, and we become weak and infirm. We sometimes see an old man hobbling along with the aid of his walking stick. Some may even be very sick as to be bedridden or wheel-chair bound for the remaining of their lives. Do they not need help from others?

2. Dependency

A child needs shelter, love, tolerance and mercy from others. So do old people. They both need dependency from their loved ones. Who’s going to buy the clothes and food for children if not their parents? Who are the rightful people to pay for the parents’ medical bills if not their own abled children? Where do parents rightfully go to stay when their own homes become too desolate to bear living in, if not their children’s abodes? Yet, some old people are cast away to old folks’ homes by their own flesh and blood children. We should be aware that a grandpa is probably as dependent on his family, if not more, as a child is.

3. Sensitivity

Both a child and an elderly person are sensitive. You don’t get a child the toy he wants, be prepared to hear incessant weeping begging you to relent. When you reach old age however, material things don’t mean as much anymore. You start appreciating intangibles more. Seeing your daughter coming back home to visit you frequently means more than getting expensive gifts from them from miles away. When you refuse an old person’s request, it can be really hurtful. It is interesting how both groups share the same sensitivity sometimes.


These are just my thoughts on the topic. I believe the similarities are interesting and evident. It’s as if we revert back to the original state we were in when we came into this world once we get older – helplessness, seeking dependency and very sensitive. Just try and observe a small child, and then observe an old person, and think through those sights. You might be surprised. Do share your thoughts with us.

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