4 Things That Shape Childhood

4 Things That Shape Childhood
There is no denying that every person’s childhood is unique and different. But I think that there are some things that everyone’s childhoods may have in common. Such as. . .

1. Toys

When growing up, toys are inseparable from us. We were kids in need of constant entertainment and fun. And it is not exactly wrong. Responsibility isn’t exactly in existence in a child’s life. Children learn by playing and interacting. I remember stacking up Lego pieces to build a miniature house and stuff all the Lego men into that house. I remember having friends come over and we’d modify each other’s 4WD racing cars. As young children, the good times spent with close friends and family playing your favourite toys will inevitably leave fond memories that will be remembered through the passage of time.

2. TV Shows

I loved watching cartoons when I was growing up. I’d watch shows like ‘Hey Arnold!’ or ‘Team Rocket’ whenever they were aired. There’s something about cartoons that always captivate young children. Maybe we imagine ourselves as the main character doing all the impressive things. Maybe the sheer creativity of the cartoon appeals to us. It could be anything. But, surely, every grown up has a favourite cartoon, or any TV show that has accompanied them through their childhood days.

3. Places

Sometimes, a person’s childhood is marked by the places that they go to. Some family travels a lot to many places. Some family travels a lot to a specific place, say, a hometown. I spent a lot of my childhood holidays in my parents’ hometown, where I got to visit my grandma, meet my favourite cousin and just have a blast throughout my stay there. I’d go bananas running around, playing with toys all day, and just relish in the enjoyment of it all. Up till this day, I still remember most of the things I did there. And so would my cousin. It is natural. I wouldn’t dream of forgetting them.

4. Friends

Not all the friends that we got to know are there with us all the way till we are adults. Sometimes, your childhood friends may only remain there, in your childhood. Then comes high school, and you’d have a different set of friends. As for me, I did have several friends that I met in primary school that I wished had remained with me. Some moved away to another school and we just ceased contact. Either way, I’d like to think that we’ve learnt something from one another, despite having befriended each other at an early age. They say friends come and go, but we should always keep the good ones that we have.


That is all for now. They are the things that definitely shaped my childhood. What about yours?

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