3 Simple Habits That Make Your Body Feel Better

3 Simple Habits That Make Your Body Feel Better

If you’re a college student or a person working a 9 to 5 job, there is a high chance that you spend most of your time sitting down – in class, in the car or at the workplace. There is also a high chance that you are battling a weight problem. If you’re not eating enough, you’re probably not seeing any significant signs right now because you’re not exercising enough either. Your body is probably at a plateau currently and your unhealthy lifestyle will penalise you in the years to come. You might get some signs of minor discomfort in your body if you haven’t been exercising enough.  However you can curb this discomfort by practising these three habits.

1. Train your legs

You can jog, walk or even do some weight training with your legs. This is important because your legs are the foundation of your body structure. With stronger legs, you walk better and have a better posture. You even provide extra support for your skeletal system. When you sit, your leg muscles are not really being utilised and your muscles get weaker if you don’t utilise them well. That’s what happens to astronauts. Eventually you will realise the decreasing strength in your leg muscles if you don’t train them. By the time you realise this, you will feel that your whole body has become weaker. It’s never too late because you can still fix this by taking regular walks in the park and progressing from there onwards.

2. Eat methodically

You don’t only have to watch what you eat, but you also have to pay attention to how you eat. The time and delivery of food substance is crucial if you want to get your body to feel better. What you can do is imagine mixing up your food and drink on the table and think if you would eat it in that condition. That’s how things will look like in your stomach. Now suddenly that burger and milkshake don’t seem so appetising. We’re not stopping you from a burger or a glass of milkshake but what you can do is take them in separate servings. You can down a burger but with a glass of water. You can save the milkshake for later in the afternoon once the burger has settled. You should also spend more time chewing and give some time for your digestive system to do its job.

3. Rise early

The morning is excellent for fresh air. Make an effort to wake up early and take deep breaths outside your house. The air is cleanest at this time of the day and nothing beats fresh air for your spongy pair of lungs. We often overlook the benefit of breathing because we do it unconsciously.  The clean air gives you a positive vibe which is good for your body. You can also take this opportunity to do some light stretching to get you ready for the day.

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