4 Life Lessons From a Humble Pair of Blue Jeans

4 Life Lessons From a Humble Pair of Blue Jeans

I have my pair of blue jeans hanging on the cupboard door right now and I can’t help but think what a worthy purchase it has been. I think jeans are practical and reliable with a certain level of aesthetic value. They even provide some valuable life lessons.

1. It’s what you do that defines you

Every pair of standard blue jeans starts the same without any sign of wear and tear. I am of course, excluding those pairs of jeans that are sold worn-out and torn. If you wear a pair of jeans only to drive around town and go to the mall, they would probably still look the same after 3 years. On the other hand, if you wear them at the workshop or garage where it gets smeared with grease and coolant oil, your jeans get a pretty interesting texture. We’re not saying that you should roll around in a pool of grease and coolant oil, but you should get yourself involved with activities in life because they build your character. Isolating yourself from society and its activities leaves you as naïve as the infant you were born as.

2. The more problems you face, the better you get

Jeans get better as they age especially if you’re an active person. The seasoned texture and patches only serve to make your jeans look cooler. If a pair of jeans could talk, it’d probably say..

“Fell of your bike again? Great, I’m just going to make you look even more bad-ass.”

Hey, if jeans didn’t look better this way, we wouldn’t see fresh, new jeans purposely seasoned and torn before being sold at your local shopping malls. The same applies to us. The interesting people you meet have usually gone through numerous problems in life and have been able to live through them. Sometimes you meet people who fake their experiences and stories so they could make themselves seem more interesting. A simple tear on a pair of jeans is like a badge of honour for bravery and so are your scars in life.

3. Provide a second layer of defence

If you fall of your Hayabusa, you won’t get an immediate hole in your favourite pair of jeans. Instead you will notice a second layer of white thread which still offers some sort of protection for your skin. Always have a plan B in whatever is that you do. Always back up your arguments with facts and always prepare something just in case you forget your marriage anniversary.

4. You’re not immortal

A simple pair of blue Jeans is tough but time will catch up on it. You might get fat and need a new pair of jeans. You never know. As a matter of fact, time catches up on everything including you. Don’t live in the past, don’t hope too much on the future and don’t get carried away by the present. Learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future because you can be a tough brick but you never know when death will come knocking on your door.

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