6 Life Lessons I Learned From Attending Friday Prayers

6 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From Attending Friday Prayers

So I’ve just come back from the usual Friday prayer at the local masjid and a few things struck my mind. It has been such a routine that I overlook the inspirational gems that the experience has to offer. As a child I dreaded going for Friday prayers because I was scared of losing my father in the midst of an immense crowd. Thankfully, those days have gone by. What I’d like to share with you are the gems that just struck my mind while walking back from the masjid.

1. Presentation is vital

The average local masjid has had its fair share of good, average and not-so-good khutaba’. The topics never fail to be interesting and I am thankful that the sermons include aspects of economy, family bonding, and social responsibility.  However no matter how interesting a topic may be, the presentation of a khateeb is vital. Sometimes you get a khateeb who monotonously reads the sermon he is given and sometimes you get a khateeb who speaks from his heart. Personally I would prefer to listen to the latter.

Presentation is vital everywhere, regardless of how good you are – your homework, the way you dress yourself, the plot of a movie and the way you speak.

2. Not everybody can afford to listen

There are always people who don’t get what the khateeb is trying to deliver. It could be that they don’t speak the local language or they are just too tired to stay awake. Either way, the message does not get across. Some people can even sleep with the speakers at full blast.

The point is not everyone can understand what you are trying to say. Some can’t even afford to pay attention to you. Different people have different ways of interpreting a message. That’s why we have misunderstandings. You can’t always expect people to pay attention because sometimes, they just can’t afford to.

3. Knowledge is abundant

I’m impressed by the never-ending flow of topics that come by each week. I am also impressed by the fact that they never fail to inspire me. This just shows to us that knowledge is abundant and thinking has its rewards. We should never think we know everything because in reality we know very little.

4. Knowledge creates harmony

After the sermon is the prayer with a larger crowd than usual. It is our knowledge that lets us all know what action the Takbir leads to. It’s very rare to see such harmony in one gathering where everybody knows what to do with a simple signal.

If we all appreciate knowledge and continue searching for it, there is a chance that we could make this world a better place. It’s important that we know each other and learn to embrace our differences.

5. The more you commit the harder it is to give up

The person who comes early and sits in the front row finds it harder to get out of the masjid than the person who comes late and sits at the back.

The more you commit yourself to something, the harder it is for you to give it up. There will be factors beyond your control that stop you from giving up. The stakes are bigger once you give yourself in more to whatever it is that you are doing. This applies everywhere in life. The more effort you put into your football training, the harder it is for you to give up chasing that football dream. The more effort you put into studying for your finals, the harder it is you find to give up at the very last-minute.

6. Everyone is worthy of the best things in life

Yes, with God’s will, this is true provided that you put in the equivalent amount of effort. If you make an effort, you can afford to pray in the first row at the mosque regardless of who you are. At the mosque, professors and janitors are all the same when in prayer.If you make an effort, you can afford that Rolls Royce regardless of who you are. Putting in effort is a lot easier said than done. Don’t hope on big dreams if you are not willing to make that effort.


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