5 Very Simple Deeds That People Appreciate

5 Very Simple Deeds That People Appreciate

You don’t always have to volunteer for charity to do a good deed and Facebook doesn’t donate 1 dollar for every like you give on a picture. We understand that you do want to do some good for the rest of the world so we’ve listed these few things that you could do. These things are so simple, you could almost do them every day.

1. Spare some change

Not only for the beggars down the alley but also to everybody else. A retail worker would appreciate some change in the early morning. The toll-gate girl would appreciate it if you would give the exact change. A friend or a stranger could use some change for the parking ticket vending machine. Just have some change in your pocket and be ready to spare it because you just might make life a little bit easier for someone else.

2. Don’t hesitate

Have a pending RSVP? Answer it. That invitation isn’t from Carly Rae Jepsen. You don’t call her maybe. You call her definitely and tell her if you can make it. If you can’t, just say it. It’ll make things a lot easier for the person at the other end of the phone call.

3. Do your homework

Your teacher would definitely appreciate this, and so would everybody else. Before meeting a client, why not you study his background so you’ll have a less awkward situation? Before you drive to that meeting, wouldn’t it be better if you made an effort to study the route so you don’t become a hazard to others? If you’re a politician, do your homework before giving a totally irrelevant speech at the opening ceremony of a scrabble competition.

4. Give honest praise

Seriously, we don’t want any bum-kissers here. Give honest praise at the right time and you will enjoy seeing your colleague’s face light up like a lantern. A simple praise boosts motivation in anybody who receives it. Sometimes an honest praise can be priceless.

5. Be early

This is common courtesy but we haven’t been seeing it recently. Don’t keep others waiting for you unless you’re a very important person. But then again, even if you are important, we still think you have bad time management.


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