3 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy

3 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy

First of all, I am not a medical expert on this issue of health. I get sick occasionally and my lifestyle isn’t completely saintly-healthy, just like most people. I just want to suggest some very general ways to stay healthy. They are, I hope, the ways which most people agree on. Let’s just take this as a basic reminder of how easy it is to stay healthy.

1. Exercise.

Yes, most of us cringe at the thought of breaking a sweat. But in all honesty, exercising is vital and we need not dread it. It can be fun and simple depending on what you choose to do. Exercises come in abundance – cardio, playing sports, weight lifting, aerobics etc. So, depending on your goals and preference, you can decide which type of exercise to do. It need not be boring and a lonesome activity too. Get a friend to jog with you. Hit the gym with your buddies. This will add motivation and consistency to keep exercising. The key is to move and sweat. That’s it.

2. Eating habits.

I think the easiest thing to do when it comes to diet is avoiding the worst of foods. For instance, foods that are slick with oil, lack fibre and high in unhealthy fats and sugar should be avoided. Even if we consume it, we should do so very rarely. It’s ok to have a ‘cheat day’, as some health-junkies might call it. The day that you let yourself indulge in your favourite foods. But if every day is a cheat day, we might just be cheating our health into ruin. We should strive to get sufficient and optimal nutrients from all 7 classes of food in our meals. Thus, we should eat healthily for the most part, but it is fine to indulge ourselves once in a while.

3. Unhealthy habits.

You name it. Smoking, drug use, inadequate sleep, eat-everything-in sight foodlust, booze-downing to the limit, etc. These are just plain bad. Even our common sense tells us that. Get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, avoid practices that directly inflict damage on our health, and eat good food. This should maintain our health if not improve it. We all have our own bad habits that might affect our health however slightly. Get rid of them early-on, and the benefits that come with time are well worth it.

That being said, being healthy is sometimes beyond our control. We just cannot always remain healthy, no matter how healthy our lifestyle seems to be. At times, we catch a cold and wonder how it all happened in the first place. In a worse case, we might inherit some unfortunate propensity to acquire certain diseases. Cancer, for example, is hereditary. If our family members are afflicted with cancer, there is a high likelihood that we might develop the disease. Or may not. Things such as these are beyond our mortal control and we should be aware of that.

I guess this wraps up this post. I hope we can all benefit from it. We at thinkingpotatoes hope to hear your views on this subject. So, we welcome your views as always.

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