How Does One Get The Most Out of a Point-and-shoot? (1-Slow Shutter)

How Does One Get The Most Out of a Point-and-shoot? (1)

We’re still going on about out point-and-shoots because not everyone can afford high-end cameras and some of us may only have that funny looking point-and-shoot that the whole family shares. Despite that, we still have this desire to take good photographs. Having only a simple point-and-shoot should not stop you from being creative. Here at thinkingpotatoes, we celebrate creativity and originality. We believe money should not be a hindering factor for the growth of your creativity. So we’ve decided to make a series of some ways you could experiment even with only a point-and-shoot.

1. Slow shutter speed

The first image we would like to share is the one you see above. It’s a bus on the highway shot from another bus in the opposite direction. The relative speed helps a lot. You can’t really adjust your shutter speed on a point-and-shoot as well as you can on a(n) SLR, but there is the slow shutter speed option which should suffice for your level. Shoot at night because the lights and the dark background provide a stark contrast for your image. This can give very interesting results. Compose well and you will get fantastic results. Most point-and-shoots don’t have exposure control but if you do then set it to long exposure and have fun.


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