5 Overlooked Benefits of Gaming

5 Overlooked Benefits of Gaming

Gaming. This is probably one of the most notorious activities that all of us know. Ideas such as truancy, time-wastage, addiction and social disorder often spring to mind. But really, not all games have bad influences. And most of the time, the games are blameless. The players are at fault. Should we play it, we are the ones who should seek moderation when playing it.

1. A Healthy Pastime.

Not exactly a physically healthy past-time, I give you that. What is so healthy about sitting on a chair and staring at the screen for hours? Nothing. But, gaming can be socially healthy. Instead of engaging in worse activities such as smoking, drug addiction, endless loitering and partying etc. I’d say gaming is relatively harmless. It isn’t at all the worst way to spend your time after a hard day. It helps you to wind down too.

2. Brings People Closer.

I used to game incessantly with my close buddies. And it definitely brought us closer together as friends. We’d talk about the game and hilarious events that had happened in it. Having a point of connection among my friends really bolstered our friendship. Thus, gaming with your buddies or anyone for that matter, can bring you closer to that person.

3. Make New Friends.

Really? Really. I can vouch for it. I’ve made new friends online that transcends countries. Some from Russia, Italy and also Canada. Though I’ve never met them, playing a common game with them definitely got us to become friends. I’d pour on them my curiosity regarding their countries and I get to learn interesting things about them too. We get to share views about many things,and talk about our countries and cultures. Needless to say, gaming is not the only thing we converse about.

4. Increases Your Knowledge.

Depending on what game you play, you learn numerous new things from the game. For instance, some games have a world war setting in place. You get to see the weaponry, the buildings, the geography and the people as you play the game. If you play a game that is set in the medieval times, you’d come to know that a sword has a number of types, all of which have different names such as falchion, longsword and claymore. It is always interesting to learn new things and expand our knowledge in every way possible.

5. A Source of Inspiration and Creativity.

We all know a good game when we play one. The graphics, game-play, mechanics and designs all add up to an impression on the gamer. If the game is a success, we get to appreciate the game for what it is, and know that the game isn’t done without meticulous care, teamwork, and a brilliant think-tank of sheer creativity that have made the game so enduring. Knowing this, maybe we should aspire to have the same dedication, love, and work-ethics in doing what we love.


That’s just my two cents regarding the subject of gaming. Readers, do you enjoy occasional gaming? Do share with us your thoughts on this issue.

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2 responses to “5 Overlooked Benefits of Gaming

  1. I love video games and I learned many things from them. 1) Spells 2) weapons 3) sports can be fun when played with a controller 4) eating and sleeping aren’t always necessary.

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