5 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Ants

 5 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Ants

Everything around us has a lesson to offer. It’s only a matter of time before we realise them. Every once in a while you should turn off that computer, tablet, iPod or mp3 and learn to appreciate your surroundings. You might just get an inspiring moment in your life. Ants are magnificent creatures in a sense that they seem to be very organized under their respective rulings. Not many creatures display such a large yet systematic colony. I’m no animal expert but by rough observation, there are several things that we can learn from ants.

1. Ants teach us to be brave

Ever have an ant crawl up on your skin like it’s a stroll in the park? You see we have many fables of knights in shiny armour slaying fire-breathing dragons but the truth is we’ve never really had to fight anything alive of that immense scale. Personally I feel that the average worker ant is just as brave as Beowulf. The average human is obviously more than 10 times the size of an ant. We get terrified by bears and tigers which really are nowhere near ten times our size. Some of us even screech at the sight of a cockroach. Yes size doesn’t matter and bears and tigers are dangerous, but we’re just trying to justify the immense bravery of a little ant. With your strength, you could squash an ant, dismember it, drown it and do many other terrifying things to it. Ants teach you that no matter how terrifying things may look up ahead, you should never chicken out. Come to think of it, ants are a lot braver than your typical action movie hero.

2. Ants teach us that the next generation is everybody’s responsibility

Ants raise all their young together and that’s something we should learn to do. No, not wrap our children like larvae and put them in a room, but educate them together. You don’t have to be living in the same house to educate a child and neither do you have to be a school teacher. You could educate a stranger’s child by showing good example, giving good advice or even settling a small fight in a very civilized manner. Unfortunately we have become quite selfish in the upbringing of our children. Even worse are the cases of child rape and murder. What we should do is be responsible for the development of every child. If you’re a parent, you should also learn to understand when others are trying to educate your children. Put aside your ego because it’s all for the greater good.

3. Ants teach us to ignore little diversions

If you put your finger in an ant’s path, it just walks around it and soldiers on to where it’s heading. It won’t let your stupid finger hinder its work. Put another obstacle in its way and it still soldiers on to its destination. You should do the same and not let silly problems and conflicts get in your way of achieving your objective. If you’re doing your homework, don’t let that silly Facebook notification divert you to endless hours of pointless web browsing.

4. Ants teach us that knowledge should be shared

Ants leave chemical trails that allow their colleagues to trace their path to success (food). It would be pointless if they didn’t because although a single ant is capable of carrying up to 50 times its body weight (for real?), not much can be carried back to base for the development of the colony. The same thing applies to us when it comes to knowledge. You might have a great capacity of storing information in your miraculous brain but if unshared, it won’t develop much from there onwards. Discussion accelerates the development of knowledge which could be beneficial to mankind.

5. Ants teach us to adapt to our surroundings

You can find ants just about anywhere. It’s amazing how they’ve managed to get the most out of living with human beings. Move into a new house and you’ll eventually find ants. Walk in the forest and you’ll find ants. Ants know where to search for resources and you should do the same. Be quick to adapt to your surrounding and don’t wait for a wakeup call. When things around you change, learn to adapt and make the most out of it.

image courtesy of http://www.wallpaperzzz.com


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