5 Things About Recognition

Recognition – The Best Gift a Person Can Get (5 Things About Recognition)

As toddlers we showed everything we did to our mothers. Be it riding a tricycle or climbing a tree. Then in school, everybody wanted be the coolest kid in school or at least win something. Thank goodness for the diversity of co-curricular activities in school, because if we didn’t have those most of us would end up believing ourselves to be hopeless. You should even thank your parents for investing in weekend activities to build your confidence. Your medals and trophies are probably chucked up in the store-room right now. If not then you must be a person of very high sentimental value. Do you see how insignificant the trophies are right now? The thing that matters the most in that victory (or whatever it is that you did) is the recognition of your capabilities – not anything else.

Until today, the fact still remains the same. You strive for recognition, even if you like to deny it. Everyone was born with the desire for recognition and that includes the humblest of the humblest of people who you know. Recognition is important and valuable but you should never be a slave to it.

1. Recognition builds confidence

If your mother had not stuck your drawings on the fridge door, you would have stopped drawing. You would have stopped being creative. If she had not celebrated the first time you were able to spell ‘one’ correctly, you would never believe that you would be able to write a sentence. Let alone an essay, or a book. As you grow older, these recognitions grow with you. A prize from the talent competition made you believe that you were actually good at what you do. Praise from your superiors gave you a tremendous boost in your work performance. In this modern setting, you see people giving recognition in the form of likes on Facebook statuses. Admit it; Those likes on your Confucius like status updates do give you a morale boost.

2. Recognition opens new windows of opportunities

Recognition could be in the form of a favour. When someone asks you for a favour it is usually a sign that he recognises your capabilities. If you give your best, he will recommend others to go to you for favours similar to the one he asked for. That’s how it looks like in a small-scale. Put in a bigger scale and its marketing. Why do you think we have product ambassadors? – Because recognition is the first step towards gaining peoples’ belief of your capabilities. The hard part is keeping that belief alive.

3. Recognition is intangible

You should not be idolising that trophy you have neither should you be wearing that medal around your neck wherever you go. Good wine needs no bush. There’s no need to shout out the recognition that you get. It’s something you should keep in your mind to get you going through the days. Don’t crave for the prize or the podium. Those things don’t matter. Give your best but be ready to accept defeat. True victors are those who accept defeat with a positive mind (Provided that you have given your best).

4. Recognition can come from anywhere

You may have lost a competition, but your 5-year-old brother says

“You totally rocked out there!”

That, my friend, is a very sincere praise that you should appreciate. Don’t ignore it. You could be the people’s champion without winning first prize. You might have friends praising your artwork or your positive attitude. Those too are motivational gems.

5. Recognition is hard to come by

When was the last time you gave sincere recognition to someone? That’s just how hard it is for others to let their guard down, put their ego aside, and give that miraculous boost for your spirits. So the next time someone gives you recognition, make sure to be thankful. In fact, be very thankful. The best thing you can do is give someone recognition wherever appropriate. And be very appropriate. You wouldn’t want to be kissing bums wherever you go.


OK so we’re going a bit off topic here..

There is this one video on the internet from “World Order” that we feel deserves more views. It might have a little tiny bit to do with this topic. It is also a very old video.

We’re not big fans of choreography but the lyrical content, although repetitive, is symbolic of our silly cycle in life. Striving for success, getting depressed along the way, and still having our mind on our ambitions. Later they go on about having some progress in life, regressing in the middle of it, and still being slaves for recognition.

We also feel that the tremendous effort they put into translating such messages in this form of art deserves a thumbs-up.

There is some sort of analysis on this video here but we feel that it is better if you let your mind free and generate your own interpretations.


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