Everything is Knowledge

Everything is Knowledge

When we talk about learning or studying, the first thing that comes to mind will always be formal learning. Learning in an educational institution. How many A’s we get. Unfortunately, knowledge isn’t only that one-dimensional. Some things in life go beyond what books or teachers alone can impart. We imbibe from everything we experience.

1. Hobbies.

We learn a lot about what we love to do. It’s natural. For instance, if you like to play chess, your love can make chess simply your habitual indulgence, or you may choose to further yourself into professional chess-playing. Either way, we learn a lot from what we do often, and what we like to do. Even if that activity doesn’t necessarily constitute our main area of academic studies, or our profession.

2. Seemingly unrelated activities.

On occasion, we may find ourselves doing things that we detest. Things that make us think that it is not worth our time and we are not gaining anything from it. This is not true. Virtually every activity has something to offer, something to teach. It’s just that we refuse to see it. We go to school and were assigned the task to dispose the rubbish daily. What’s in it for us anyway? On the surface, the only thing we seem to see is getting our hands dirty. But really, beyond that, we learn the meaning of cleanliness and discipline. We may not see it now, but the effects will come.

3. Life events.

Some events that happen in our lives do shape our way of thinking and how we view this world. It is true. We may lose our loved one so suddenly when in fact, all this while our whole life has been a long stretch of joy and happiness. You may meet someone who makes you feel like a better person. We may get a pet for the first time and experience that newfound feeling of intuition and excitement. We may have our ancient living grandparents telling us stories about the past. Your once planned dream may not materialize due to unforeseen circumstances. These events may seem just like regular, monotonous events to some. But really, it is beyond that. The subtlety demands some pondering and deep thoughts. We can’t just let these events pass us by without getting any wisdom from them all.

4. Surroundings.

Try observing things around you. Observe the trees, the animals, people etc.  You may be surprised how much they can teach us.  You may see a family of stray cats living on the streets and still surviving. The mom cat nursing her kittens in the midst of all that feline poverty and malnourishment. Isn’t that strength and love? There’s a lot all of us can learn if we just observe things that happen around us and think them through. Follow the good sightings, and follow not the bad ones.

These are just my thoughts on this topic. Readers, do share with us your thoughts as well. We welcome them as part of our mutual quest of learning and improving ourselves consistently.

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2 responses to “Everything is Knowledge

  1. I’ve never been interested in a blog that’s full of words
    But this one is different
    Thanks for the effort

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