5 Very Simple Things You Can Do to Uplift Your Spirits

5 Very Simple Things You Can Do to Uplift Your Spirits

Ever feel drained out of motivation when you’re in the middle of something? Ever feel down and out when you lose grip on your ambitions? Well we’ve felt that too. You’re probably thinking on giving yourself a break – maybe a vacation or you’re just going to call in sick. You’re probably even thinking of watching an inspirational movie, or listening to spirit boosting songs (which are very hard to come by these days). We’re not telling you to spend your savings on a cruise or a vacation or ruin the work momentum you already have. There are very simple things that you can do to uplift your spirits. These things are in fact so simple that you might be able to do some of them every now and then.

1. Give

The giving hand is always better than the receiving hand. We’re not telling you to give something tangible like money or a wrapped gift although that would be nice. You can always give a smile, give way in traffic, give simple lessons to children or give respect to others. These simple things that you give could make a huge change in someone else’s life. The person you just smiled to was probably having confidence issues and the person you just gave way to on the road is probably a fraction away from seeing the last moments of his father on the deathbed. There’s a certain pleasure or satisfaction that you get when you give. You have to try it to believe it.

2. Get to Know a Stranger

The cute girl you see at the library could be an aspiring doctor and the old man at the bus stop might give brilliant ideas for your thesis. You never know. First, make sure the situation is conducive for a new found conversation. You would want to avoid a socially awkward situation. Getting to know a new person is always an interesting process. Your friends might not say the hurtful truth about your ways but a new made friend might, unknowingly. A new made acquaintance does not know the real you thus it provides a cushion for your ego. You need to know that hurtful truth to step up your game in life.

3. Escape the City

The city provides a constant noise that your brain has chosen to ignore. The noise still contributes to your feelings of anxiety and anger despite your brain ignoring it. Neon lights at midnight and the unclean air just make things worse. There’s no stopping it unless an apocalypse occurs.  You can escape from this by visiting the suburbs. It only costs a little for transport. We’re lucky enough to have lakes and waterfalls in Malaysia. They provide a good escape for us. Clean air, low noise levels and sunlight are good for your body. The well-being of your body directly affects your mind. Talking about the well-being of your body, you know just where this is heading…

4. Exercise

Unless you are an athlete or have a very physically demanding job, you have to allocate a certain amount of time for exercise. Most of us don’t even think about exercising until our vital signs show problems. You’ve been given muscles to move and you should because moving catalyses better fluid flow in your body. A good shower after a good sweat is always rejuvenating. You can also get your mind off of things while exercising. With a clear mind and rejuvenated body, we don’t see why you should not be in high spirits.

5. Pray

We would have put this first but we figured that your conscious would realise this without needing us to tell you.  Praying puts your mind in a very relaxed state. Pray well and you will certainly benefit from it.

Take these simple steps and see the improvement in yourself.


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