Gardening. Try it! – 4 Things About Gardening

Gardening. Try it! - 4 Things About Gardening

I was forced to do gardening a while back for having too much time at hand. Needless to say, i have no green fingers. Reluctance and terror filled me the very first time I actually got out to my garden to survey its surroundings from the eyes of a newbie gardener. Having done it for months now, I feel it isn’t as bad as I first thought.

1. Gardening nurtures patience.

They say patience is the mother of all virtues. Gardening gradually instills patience in us as we slowly prune the plants, gather the dry leaves and water the greenery. Once, after raking all the dry leaves, all of it gathered into an enormous pile of leafy impossibility! And I felt a sinking feeling in my heart – “ THIS is too much..”. But hey, I soldiered through and as expected, the mountain of leaves does dwindle! If there is one certain lesson I have gained from gardening, it is patience. Undoubtedly.

2. Gardening is exercising.

Some would say gardening is too relaxing to be called an exercise. Well, it depends on what you do, really. I’d say watering the plants is rather relaxing too. But, taking a hoe and excavating the ground isn’t a walk in the park for sure. Sawing a stubborn tree branch is as good as lifting weights too. Depending on what you do, gardening is a healthful exercise for the body.

3. Gardening is therapeutic.

Hopping outside and be immersed in all the greenery and flowers may seem like a scene from a movie. But really, nature can be comforting and therapeutic. Take your time, enjoy the beautiful scenery that is the result of your hard-work, and bask in its natural ambience of tranquility. Listen to the birds chirping in celebration of your wondrous gardening work. Plus, seeing my cats roam the garden is truly a sight to behold. They almost blend in with the majesty of it all. Really. Perhaps these animals benefit from our beautiful garden as much as we do.

4. Gardening is hilarious

At least for me it is. My cats would linger in the garden around me as I do the work. Once, the plastic bag in which I stuff all the dry leaves was breached by my cat. He literally went into the bag half-filled with dry leaves and just stayed there innocently, as if taunting me to get him out. I couldn’t help but crack a laugh. It was hilarious. Things happen during gardening that might just make your day.

That is all for now. So readers, have you tried gardening yet? It may not be for everyone, but I think that, just like all activities, gardening has something to offer to everyone.


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