Friends & Friendship – 3 Ways to Maintain Friendship

Friends & Friendship - 3 Ways to Maintain Friendship

Ever wonder how friendships sometimes just cease to exist after a while? When in fact, the vein of friendships was so full of mutual commitment and concern over the long years.

1. When someone pulls, uproot yourself.

Friends who don’t meet each other often may find it troublesome and impractical to keep in touch with old friends. We may think it’s not worth it, we are always busy that we cannot even spare a few moments to reply to a friend’s text message, or even a virtual message. Who says technology has solved our problems of communication? In this case, communication comes from deep within us. If a friend spares a fraction of his time to try to get to you, the only rightful thing to do is to return the favour. Sounds simple? Try it. This is the basic problem in every distant friendship.

2. Don’t ignore.

Who likes to be ignored anyway? No one. Unless someone detestable ignores you, that should be alright. But ignoring your friend who tries to contact you isn’t fair or admirable at all. How would you feel if the person you try to contact ignores you? Excuses that are constantly being thrown off – having no credit, being up-to-my-neck busy etc. all of which are just that – excuses. If there is a will, there is a way. How time-consuming can it be to write an email, for example. How hard can it be spare 10 mins to reply to your friend? We should evaluate ourselves. If that someone is willing to spend their time to contact you, shouldn’t you do the same?

3. Make time for those friends that matter.

Oftentimes, you need to make time for your friends. Everyone is busy, everyone has things to do, and saying ‘no’ has become almost effortless and automatic nowadays. You must make time. It won’t work if we constantly let our schedule decide the time that we have to spend with our good friends. Instead, make the time. Slot in an outing this weekend instead of saying “I’ll see whether I’ll be free this weekend”. You won’t be free. Period. Plan the meet-up consciously. For once, let other things fall in place around the outing plan. Then it will work.

These are my musings on this subject. I have a friend who left us in high school to study in another state about 4 years ago. Despite that, we always keep in touch. I’d text him, and he would text me back. The miles between us don’t seem to matter. We successfully met up over the years and our friendship is as strong as when we were studying in the same school. Thus, if both sides make the effort to maintain such a connection, it will work. Whereas, you can have a friend who lives a few blocks away, but you barely know him.

Think about it, readers. We all have friends who are worthy of our remembrance and friendship. We need to invest our time to really communicate with our friends and we should always be responsive to them. Treat them the way you want be treated. It’s that simple.


4 responses to “Friends & Friendship – 3 Ways to Maintain Friendship

  1. great article,seeing your friend visible on fb chat,but doing nothing except ignore them..and the worse..being invisible!

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