Musical Massacre

Musical Massacre

I have never been a fan of listening to the radio. Years ago, the songs they played were relatively more endurable than what they play now, and listening to them wasn’t as hard as now.

What’s with the themes projected through these songs anyway? Most of these songs that the radio plays very much contain undesirable themes. And I shall not pinpoint any specific ones. You know them. Their themes cover a broad spectrum – sexual profligacy, dancing, bottomless hedonism, unending partying, drug addiction, fictional perpetual youthfulness, drunkenness etc. Not to mention the lyrical contents that glorify and approve of these vile habits. The more we listen to this garbage, the more our mind will be primed to think that these unhealthy notions are ‘okay’.

I remember a friend relating to me a tale of the music that played through a slideshow at the end of a Scrabble competition. And the lyrical contents spoke of drug addiction and how it is ‘fine’ to do it.
Seriously? An intellectual setting coupled with a sickening habit? Not to mention the pathetic song choice, the song itself shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

There are good songs of course, but I think these songs are facing extinction, at least on the mainstream front. Those songs that instil good thoughts and not inspire nonsensical ones. Songs that uplift our spirits, renew our vigour and calm our temperament. And songs of this nature don’t have to contain the aforementioned negative themes. They can be thematically clean and inspiring.

So, readers, the next time you tune in to the radio, do try pondering through the words of the songs. You might be surprised how musicianship has evolved all these years. No, not evolve. Devolve. Music has regrettably devolved into debauchery in these times.

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