5 Reasons to Be Nice on The Road

5 Reasons to Be Nice on The Road

Honestly, I’m not one of nicest drivers out there but I got tired of being aggressive. So I tried to be nice on the road and I have to admit, I am starting to enjoy being nice on the road. I signal long before turning and don’t tailgate as much I used to anymore. I think everyone should. Why? Because…

1. It’s safer

Obviously it is. As much as I display aggression, I hate others who display aggression on the road. When you slow down so another driver can merge in your lane, you’re doing him a big favour. Put yourself in his shoes and you would understand what I’m on about. Being nice generates confidence and a sense of security in other drivers. Confidence and a sense of security lead to better judgement and car control. Your rage could generate another driver’s rage. Judgement and car control in the midst of anger certainly isn’t a recipe to a safe road.

2. It saves your money

You’ve probably heard this a thousand times and it is true. Swallow it. Imagine driving in town. The traffic lights are just 2 blocks away. You charge like a warthog, cut off a few cars and later slam on the brakes or would you just cruise your way to another halt. It’s totally up to you. Slamming on the brakes induces brake and tyre wear. Clearly, your parts life wouldn’t be as long as it would if you were a little more relaxed. Oh, and have you seen 24 hour endurance races? Some cars don’t even make it past 12 hours. It’s because of the simple reasons that the cars are pushed to their maximum performance. You see your car is not like your level 8 Pikachu. It doesn’t level up the more you push it to the max. Enough about the wear and tear factor of your car. Clearly the cops will fine you for posing danger onto others.

3. It protects your ego

Imagine overtaking an old Datsun only to have it right behind you at the next traffic light. Imagine cutting the queue at a traffic light only to end up blocking the lane when it suddenly turns red again.  Imagine cutting through the emergency lane only to be stuck and struggling to get out of it because you’re not going to exit the highway. It’s embarrassing. It hurts your pride. People glare at you. So be nice.

4. You have a more pleasant journey

This isn’t much of a point but with all the plus sides above you would have a much more pleasant driving experience. You feel good about being good. That is good.

5. You might just get lucky

You know how sometimes you escape a disaster by being a fraction late or early.  Like escaping from a falling tree.Yes you might die crushed by a tree either way, but it would be better to be remembered as the” guy who gave me a chance to live” than “the b*****d who cut me off and deserved to die”. You never know.

Oh, and share your thoughts with us please. We are after all, just thinking potatoes.


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