4 Things I’ve Learned in School

4 Things I’ve Learned in School

As I finished school I started to realize that the silly things I was forced to do back in school turn out to be beneficial in some way. I remember having stage fright in my primary years and how I hated my teacher so much for forcing me into public speaking. I would be drenched in sweat and sometimes even throw up before actually going on stage. Talk about extreme stage fright. I did emerge victorious in some events, fortunately. Now it’s 2012 and speaking to a huge crowd has become second nature to me.

Then in high school, I joined the track team although I was not much of a sportsman. Why? Well because my peers joined in and I was no good at any other sport. The first few months were a complete embarrassment for me but as the days went by I did turn out to be pretty fast. I did join a lot of other activities but let’s just say none of them started well but ended so much better than I expected. The thing about life is, you have to go through a phase (which isn’t usually pleasant) to make yourself better. School is just a simple phase that you have to go through. Here I list the things that I’ve learned from school.

1. The answer will always be “No” if you never try

So I’ve always wanted to join the track team but I thought I was nowhere near fast enough. Had I not try out for the team, I would have been just another guy who continuously talked about joining but never actually did anything about it. I was the slowest at first, but having joined the team, I never stopped practicing. It felt good because I did what I said I was going to do. You see it is OK to not take yourself seriously but always take your words seriously.

2. Talent can be nurtured

I’ve already mentioned how I had stage fright as a child. Oratory skills are attainable with dedication, practice, and God’s will. Now, everywhere I go I stand out because of that. I was born neither literate nor articulate and so is everyone else. Of course, nurturing that talent is a long and hard process but it will all be worth it in the end.

3. The more active you are the more time you have for yourself

I am referring to the qualitative value of time. I was getting busier as the years came by. Having more things to do made me feel that I had to spend my time wisely. I would sleep when I was tired and not spend my time doing pointless things. Notice how you always have the need to study when your mom asks you for a favour? I think it’s normal to suddenly have the need to do other tasks when different tasks are in demand. Like when you have to study for your finals, you suddenly feel like you have to visit your grandmother. When you’re busy, you always make excuses for other things.

4. To succeed you must first have to want to succeed

I’ve joined debates in school but I was never a big fan of it. I did it because no one else would. I once joined a tournament just for the sake of joining and unsurprisingly, I lost the first round. I didn’t really care about it until a fellow debater (who was doing better than me at that time) said that I was better off not being there at all. He was absolutely right but my ego didn’t let that pass just like that. I was obviously jealous because he won his first round. So, jealousy and a hurt pride made me want to win that silly debate tournament. I was in denial of my lack of interest for debating. I actually had such a strong desire for that stupid trophy. And guess what? I thrashed the competitors and won the tournament with my team. Desire has a strong power of influence towards your action. If you’re working on something, do you really want that something so badly? Do you want it as much as you want to breathe? Because if you don’t really want it, you’re better off doing something else.

5. Always give more than you promise

If you could give 100 dollars, promise that would give 80 dollars. If you can be there in 5 minutes, promise that you need 10 minutes. When you have 5 points to give, promise that you’ll give 4. Exceeding the expectation is so much better than giving the expected. And let’s not talk about not exceeding the expectation, or not giving anything at all.

So that’s what I’ve learnt from school. Do share with us what you have learnt.


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