5 Reasons Why School Examinations (in Malaysia) Are Like a Sport.

I don’t know about you but it used to be a lot easier scoring in school exams than it is now in college or university exams. It’s not the fact that it’s tougher but it’s the fact that we used to be coached like national athletes. This might apply to typical Malaysian students. They usually get massive coaching efforts by parents, teachers and tutors. Tuition centres make great business from the anxiety of school students. It’s a different story when you reach college or university – you’re on your own. No one’s really there to get you disciplined or ‘training’ for your finals. There are more reasons why school examinations, especially the major ones are like your typical sports game.

1. Ranking

Just like any kind of sport in the world, you get ranked based on your performance in the exam. Oh, and so does your school. Who’s in the top 200? Who’s in the top 30? Who’s in the top 5? Who’s the best? There’s even a form of rivalry between top performing schools, just like the rivalry between your favourite football clubs. The alumni of different schools jokingly trash talk each other, just like your typical football fans.

5 Reasons Why School Examinations (in Malaysia) Are Like a Sport.

We don’t fight like this unless we feel cheated by the government.

2. Intensive Training

Boarding school or daily school, you have to admit that students are given intensive practice to answer examination questions. You get drilled like a track star to answer questions which always have a similar pattern throughout the year. Track athletes are drilled for their respective events because practice makes perfect. Some high school students have extra classes just about every day, including Sundays. It’s the same thing – drilling.

3. Cheating

This happens everywhere and everyone does it, including your teachers. Why? Because we all have a reputation to uphold or a dream to chase. That’s why.  Nobody wants to be left behind.

That explains why students cheat like there’s no tomorrow. Smartphones take cheating to a whole new level. These kids sometimes do a better job than your average drug smuggler.

Oh and if you didn’t notice, we said your teachers are cheating.

Your teachers are cheating?

Are we serious?

Of course we are.

But how?!

By making your wrong answers correct and by giving you spot exam questions.

And why?!

Well because they want a good average score. If they really wanted to test their students, they wouldn’t do that. Unless of course, the whole purpose of school education is to have a great average score for 90% of your students. Well if that’s the case than they should carry on because they’re doing great. Notice how teachers and cheaters have the same letters.

The same goes for cheating in sports. In a 100m dash, you’re there for the gold medal, not for the sake of appreciating the agility, beauty and elegance of the human body. That’s why you take dope.

“Yes, I cheat too.”

4. A Nationwide Concern

Top schools and top scorers hog your newspaper headlines for a few days. Just like if your beloved country were to win the world cup. The whole nation anticipates the results day like it would anticipate a badminton game.

5. It only counts once

Let’s say an athlete has trained all year round for an event. He’s been in great shape and is even favoured for the event. The day comes in he’s just not lucky – a torn muscle perhaps. All that year-round consistency just doesn’t count anymore. The same thing goes for your big test. Let’s take SPM as an example. Imagine an exceptionally bright student who’s been doing great for almost two years. The day comes and he gets a mental block, or some serious emotional conflict. You can’t take those as medical excuses. He fails. I would just shrug and say

“Well that’s too bad.”

Just about anyone else would because we all have our own problems. Unless he was the son of a tycoon, he would have a hard time trying to enter matriculation or foundation studies. You get the idea.

This article is just an expression of thought. Everything is debatable so please share your thoughts with us.

Image source: football (http://www.dailymail.co.uk); teacher (http://knowyourmeme.com)


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