Feline Family

Feline Family

I sometimes think that animals can teach us some lessons about life; about family, about love.

My mom’s cat gave birth to 3 beautiful kittens recently. And I’ve watched the babies grow each day, and how the mother cat unfailingly managed to nurse her kittens and keep them warm. It is heart-warming and endearing just to watch the familial interaction unfold, if you truly appreciate the sight. It reminds me about how my mom would have taken care of me when I was little, with unreserved love and sacrifice. That’s the beauty of having a lot of time at hand, and having pets at home, and if one cares enough to observe and appreciate the sight of animals showing semblances of humanity itself.

Perhaps, I can unearth one wisdom from this all. The next time any circumstances demand disobedience or disagreement towards my parents, I should think back about my mom cat and her kittens. I should try to give in more and be more emphatic towards them. Why? Because nothing matters in this life if we fail to serve and love our parents to the best of our ability. We always hear the old adage of parents loving us through our childhood straight up to adulthood, and therefore we should always serve them best. But words tend to be easily taken for granted. Action, I believe, has a stronger impact.

This post doesn’t aim to highlight any self-righteous attitudes at all. I merely want to share this experience with everyone, as all of us need a reality check once in a while so that we can all be the best sons and daughters to our parents. They shouldn’t be the unsung heroes of our lives. No, not at all. They deserve more.

 Image source: http://dellone2one.com/


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